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Seeburg 3w1 wallbox hook up. Raspberry pi project – a s wallbox interfaced with sonos

Seeburg 3W-1 Wallbox - Free Play Setting?

A nickel will register one credit, a dime two credits and a 25 and still a virgin male dating six credits. The pricing setup could be changed on this mode, without using new parts. The pricing on these units was set at the factory and could not be changed without new parts or "jury rigging".

The pulse train is sequential to represent A1 through to K0. I also hooked up 4 LEDs to the Pi to provide some kind of debug output in the event of software errors.

The Wallbox

It kicks out a lot of heat so the box acts as a decent enough heatsink. Wallboxes will be heavily mechanical with very basic circuitry. The upper section of the cover was different, as was the coin entry.

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Improper wiring can result in a fire or shock hazard. In my case a DIP. In the end, I opted for a circuit that isolated the Pi from the Wallbox.


High voltage is used so be very careful when wiring up this wallbox. Coins are deposited in a single entry coin chute and pass through a cent slug rejector and then through the coin switches into the cash box. They can be cleaned with a cloth saturated with isopropyl alcohol. Even though competitors introduced their own versions of the wallbox, all manufacturers eventually offered a stepper compatible with the 3W1.

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The wallbox signal is and has no specific wire polarity. Both of these features were carried over to the 3W model. The selection models 3W1 and 3WA used a different type of numbering system. A diagram is below: Apply tape or wire nut.

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A2 on the 3WA is B1 on the 3W1, etc. All models of the selection 3WA wallboxes could be used with any, or selection wallboxes.

The display will show SCE and the current 2-digit record position number. The universal model titlestrip pages came embossed with additional letters and numbers located in the title strip position corresponding to the selection location. When a Half Dollar is deposited it passes through a coin switch and it also "trips" the Quarter coin switch.

Track Cards The Wallbox can handle tracks. These 3W1 wallboxes were produced from to Inthe 3W1-D was introduced to support the multiple pricing model J jukebox.

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The chrome plated covers were used for the rest of the production except in when chromium was on the "critical materials list" of the United States government during the Korean conflict. The model A phono, was a 78 rpm model only-- it was able to play either 10, or 12 inch 78's intermixed.

It was clear, after filtering jitter, that the pulse train had a clear time gap in it. I used a Torodial transformermounted with its mounting washers, in a die-cast aluminium box.

The 2-wire zipcord receives the signal from the wallbox. The titlestrip pages came with embossed with numbers located on the left side of the bottom right side of the left pages.

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Quarters registered six credits giving the customer three singles or two EP's. At least seven variations of the selection Wallboxes were made. In order for two nickels to be used in place of a dime the slug rejector had a "flipper" added to the nickel position which flipped every other nickel past the coin switch and not making a credit, thus requiring two nickels to be inserted for a single credit.

Seeburg 3W1 Wallbox 3 Conductor Wire 75 Feet With Plug

Those pages were set according to the letters as opposed to the numbers A1, B1, etc. This wallbox was single pricing only the 'S' stands for Single.

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They also came with spacers that were placed on the keyboard, disabling the buttons. Because the accumulator can only register 24 credits, a selection must be made after depositing a Half Dollar or the additional credits will be lost.

At this time competitors were offering 24 and 40 selections.

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The maths was thus: These embossed numbers represented the page number for the selections. Any of the twenty selections for a given "number" A1 thru V1, A2 thru V2 etc could be set to either "single" or "ep" extended play pricing. Later versions of the 3W1 featured blue titlestrip pages as opposed to silver titlestrip pages and an improved locking mechanism in attaching them to the wallbox.

If this is part way through a calculation, things get funky. You will need a Volt, 2 Amp power transformer to power the wallbox Locate your wallbox model in the following pages for wiring detail.

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If X represents the number of pulses before the gap and Y represents the number of pulses after the gap, X increments from 1 to 20 whilst Y stays at 1. Single pricing removed two credits and EP pricing removed three credits each time a selection was made.

It was placed on tables in diners to increase revenue from Jukeboxes. In the next version of the 3W1 was introduced as a model along with the model MB jukebox. It contains no music, nor does it have a speaker.