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Tree Rings and Environment: Stand Dynamics and History Abrams, M. Journal of Climate and Applied Meteorology 22 Decreasing frequency of forest fires in the southern boreal zone of Quebec and its relation to global warming since the end of the 'Little Ice Age.

Learning to use increment borers: Douglass, the founder of dendrochronology: Contains many references, figures, and a list of species.

Tree Rings. Basics and Applications of Dendrochronology

Forest fires in the Maddus National Park northern Sweden during the past years. Chronological analysis of Tsegi phase sites in northeastern Arizona.

Tree rings, carbon dioxide, and climatic change. Journal of Archaeological Science 2: Basics and Applications of Dendrochronology Fritz H.

Tree Rings. Basics and Applications of Dendrochronology

Tree-Ring Research 57 2: This volume brings together knowledge, often unpublished data and landflirt kalender 2018 nathalie that will enable readers to discover and appreciate woody plants which, by simple formation of wood and tree-ring growth, transform into real environmental archives.

Disturbance and stand development of a Colorado subalpine forest. Structural dynamics of a southwestern pine forest under chronic human influence. A flood-frequency graph based on tree-scar data.

Tree Rings. Basics and Applications of Dendrochronology | F.H. Schweingruber | download

Documentation of high summer flows on the Potomac River from the wood anatomy of ash trees. IAWA Bulletin 10 2: Canadian Journal of Forest Research Trees and Wood in Dendrochronology Fritz H.

A review of the use of tree rings for the quantification of forest disturbances.

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Stokes and Terah L. Moderately to very technical.

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Riverflow reconstruction from tree rings in southern Britain. A method for determining fire history in coniferous forests of the mountain west. Dating prehistoric ruins by tree-rings.

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Wood Science and Technology In recent times specialisation has begun to hinder communication be tween the various sectors. Multicentury, regional-scale patterns of western spruce budworm outbreaks. Another of the most cited references, this book provides well-illustrated information about the very basics of dendrochronology, for example, mounting cores and creating skeleton plots.

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Dendroecological evidence of lake-level changes during the last three centuries in subarctic Quebec. It is difficult even for dendrochronol ogists to keep in touch with the whole spectrum, and even more difficult for the layman to obtain an overall view of the many methods and fields of application.

American Antiquity 50 4: Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 53 3: Evidence from the northern timber line.

Dendrochronolgy & Wood Anatomy - WUR

Editors Serge Payette and Louise Filion bring together 26 chapters by 46 authors, all recognized for their expertise in the field of dendroecology. Bristlecone pine, oldest known living thing.

Will likely become the most cited book ever in our field.

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Measuring growth and development of stems Frank W. Easy to read, moderately technical in some portions. A wealth of information, this book contains several hundred definitions of terms used in dendrochronology, and provides German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian translations!

Papers of the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research 5.

Dendrochronolgy & Wood Anatomy

Carbon Dioxide Fertilzation Cook, E. Tree ring evidence for chronic insect suppression of productivity in subalpine Eucalyptus.

This volume is most valuable in its analyses of geographic locations, where dendrochronology has been practiced and where it is feasible. Water Resources Bulletin 9 5: Tucson, Arizona; University of Arizona Press.

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Evidence of climatic effects in the annual rings of trees. The scientific institutions which previously carried out such work are now turning more and more to strongly statistically or biologically-oriented questions.

In other words, dendrochronology is an extremely interdisciplinary science; its facets range from modern statistics on wood anatomy to the history of art.

Tree-ring dating of baldcypress and the potential for millennia-long chronologies in the Southeast. Long-term streamflow records reconstructed from tree rings.

The University of Chicago Press. A time series analysis approach to tree ring standardization.