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Much more useful is the touchpad remote control you get alongside the standard remote. It's quite sensitive so you only samsung es7000 review uk dating to make very small movements to shift the cursor quite a distance on the display. If, like us, you're not fussed about the motion and voice control systems, the ES is dating websites bristol more affordable alternative that offers similar performances.

Samsung has improved the user interface on its TVs, but the previous design used here is excellent.

Motion control

Samsung also provides a range of Motion Plus modes, which do a great job of making movement look smooth and keeping motion blur at bay. Interestingly, the ES we reviewed could easily saturate red, but not blue — whereas our Samsung UE40ES sample has the opposite problem.

Your Video provides access to films and trivia, Social TV lets you tweet and post on Facebook while you watch TV and a search tool lets you find content by keyword.

Unlike LG's voice control option, you don't need to have the remote to hand.

Samsung ES7000 Smart TV

Using the point Greyscale control, we could also flatten out gamma tracking by raising or lowering the Red, Green and Blue sliders by equal amounts. The image has a punchy, lucid quality about it, helped samsung es7000 review uk dating the razor-sharp edges. Live TV plays in a box at the top and you don't have to hit 'info' to see the synopsis — it's displayed at the top of the screen.

Inputs for the built-in Freeview diagrama de ishikawa online dating Freesat HD tuners are also provided. Three USB ports are available for media playback and TV recording onto external hard disks, plus component and composite inputs, Scart input via the supplied adapter cableoptical digital output, stereo audio input and an Ethernet port.

Samsung ES serie (UE40ES, UE46ES en UE55ES) - review en unboxing (NL/BE)

The other issue is that it's just not that fast to use. First, after initiating the system by saying a trigger phrase 'Hi TV' by defaultyou can issue a surprisingly wide variety of verbal commands to the TV rather than reaching for the remote.

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The range of voice control commands is somewhat limited. This could be explained by the different size of LCD panel, or more likely still, unit-to-unit variation: Wave you hand in the air and the TV will hopefully respond.

In a brightly-lit room, the motion control works quite well, although the tracking isn't always as accurate as it should be. The separate setup menu is a simple box in the middle of the screen, while a Tools menu lets you make changes and check details on the fly.

The Allshare Play menu works brilliantly, displaying different content types down the left and a list of available devices on the right. You can turn the TV on and off by voice although it wasn't hugely reliable when it came to responding to the "TV on" commandand you can change the volume level, move up and down through channels or go to a specific channel number.

When Apple moved to touch on the iPhoneit built the interface around the input system, which helped to mask some of the weaknesses of touch displays and improve the overall user experience.

Colour Colour has some fairly obvious errors in the out-of-the-box mode: For example, trying to use motion to scroll down in the browser is a very hit-and-miss affair. It's at this point you need to use the mic built into the touch-pad remote.

Samsung 55″ ES7000 Series 7 SMART Full HD LED TV manual

Instead of asking it to go to channel 80, I wanted to be able to say "switch to BBC News," or ask it what's on next. It was in fact too blue, instead of too red. Finally, the Kid zone provides a selection of child-friendly videos and a virtual sticker book for rewarding good behaviour. So if you want to do anything other than launch a few apps or change the channel or volume level, you need to pick up a remote.

The issue with the voice control is not really that it's unreliable -- it actually works well enough as long as you go though the mic calibration process first time -- but that the system doesn't give you enough control over the TV.

If you want to target a gamma of 2. For it gives us the opportunity to look at this high-end set in the context of a season's To start this up, raise your hand and give the TV a little circular wave.

There is also a mic button on the touchpad remote control that you can use if you're not having much luck with the built-in mic.

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So you can't just swap between them at random. However, there is a downside to this as my girlfriend found she was able to walk in the room, say the trigger word and then utter "channel down" to switch away from Formula 1 while I was watching it.

The granularity of the control isn't quite fine enough for certain tasks either.

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For starters, the Samsung UE46ES carries full active 3D support, complete with two pairs of active shutter glasses included for free and arguably the TV world's most sophisticated 2D to 3D conversion software. Keeping your hand closed acts much like a long press on a mouse button and is useful for turning up and down the volume by multiple steps, or skipping through lots of channels.

The touchpad responds cleanly and feels engagingly tactile, and its layout and feel are both strong. The narrow bezel makes the screen seem expansive, while the gloss-black outer casing is sleek and curvy.

Samsung BD-ES7000 -

The only major bones of contention we'd have with the Samsung UE46ES's picture adjustments are that there are only 20 stages of backlight adjustment when we'd really like more, and that for reasons discussed in the Picture Quality section of this review, none of the TV's provided picture presets are really suitable for serious movie viewing.

This slick operation is also aided by the set's dual-core processor, which ensures quick page loading and speedy menu navigation. Also, if you turn up the TV's volume high, its response to the trigger word becomes less reliable, to the point where you're shouting at it like a madman.

On the picture quality side, the set features Clear Motion Rate for eliminating motion artefacts like blur and judder. And while I don't want to sound like a complete wimp, I actually found it was uncomfortable holding my hand up with my palm open while operating the set.

Solutions & Tips

However, it begs the question that if you have the remote to hand, why not just use that instead? However, the motion and voice control features still feel unfinished and it's very pricey compared to Sony's excellent The timeline grid shows six channels at once and the cursor skips between programme blocks quickly.

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This dark scene solidity is helped considerably by the fact that the backlight is consistently spread across the screen, with no pools of light at the sides or corners to compromise depth. User interface and EPG The TV's overall user interface is slickly presented though, and on the whole, it's easy to get around.

Verdict Recommended Samsung is no longer the only brand making TVs with extremely slim bezels, and the tiny black and transparent bezel around the Samsung UE46ES isn't as attractive as the minimalistic metallic look sported by the flagship ES range.

Now Samsung's offering these features on the cheaper UE55ES model I'm reviewing here and, crucially, the company claims it's improved the motion tracking and voice recognition software substantially. This resulted in visually perfect gray shades provided we sat face-on with the LCD screen, that is: It's also got Samsung's latest and greatest Smart TV online platform, complete with its dazzling new Full HD interface and piles of new content.