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Sailor uranus transformation latino dating, file history

The first one, which was used for almost the entire series, was, "Soy una Sailor Scout que lucha por el amor y la justicia, soy Sailor Moon!

Sailor Uranus

Sailor Moon's trademark "I will punish you" speech was translated into two different forms. Reruns aired on Cartoon Network Latin America. He still had the same female dub actress, however, which led many Mexican fans to believe that Fisheye was a woman.

Other than sailor uranus transformation latino dating, no censorship was done; the Senshi deaths, the nude scenes, and Haruka and Michiru 's relationship all remained. Anime[ edit ] The Sailor Moon anime was dubbed by Intertrack and produced by Cloverwaybeginning in Zoisite and Fisheye were both changed to be women, just like in the English dub, but starting from episodethere were some hints that Fisheye was a man, and starting from episodeFisheye became officially a man instead.

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The Daimons were called "Demonios" Demons. Their group speech was, "Pasamos por la oscuridad de la noche. In the Sailor Moon SuperS season, most of the main villains' names were either kept or directly translated, though Queen Nehellenia became "Queen Neherenia. Phrases[ edit ] In the original, Mamoru called Usagi " odango atama," a reference to her hairstyle.

Sailor Moon in Mexico

In the Mexican dub, Darien called her "cabeza de chorlito," which translates approximately as "scatterbrain" or "airhead. Sailor Pluto 's name was changed to "Sailor Plut;" this was reportedly because of copyright issues with Disney, but no official reason was ever given.

The second version, which appeared only in a few of the first episodes, was, "Defiendo el amor y la justicia, soy una Sailor Scout con traje de marinero, soy Sailor Moon!

And also too through the atmosphere of this planet. The only exceptions to this were Eudialwho was renamed "Yuyal," and Kaolinitewho was renamed "Kaolinette. From February untilthe show aired on Mexican local station, Azteca 7.

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We are three shooting stars, Sailor Star Fighter! Droids were called "Droidos. Almost all the Youma were kept unnamed, and were sometimes simply referred to as "Maligna.

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None of the specials were dubbed. Y te voy a castigar en el nombre de la Luna! Their fifth season speech was, "Mi planeta protector es Urano, el planeta del viento, soy la Sailor del aire, Sailor Uranus. I also say the same, I am Sailor Neptune and I am going to enter the battle!

Sailor uranus transformation

The three Sailor Scouts who protect the Solar System, have come to fight! Censorship[ edit ] Compared to the English dub, there was only minor censorship.

According to an interview in the Argentine magazine Lazer inGloria Rocha stated that the actress, Magda Giner, was selected to play Zoisite because the production staff did not have enough information about the character and his relationships and were not certain if Zoisite was supposed to be male or female.

Sailor Moon S Vol. They also included newly recorded dubs for episode previews, as these were not recorded during the original dub of the series. The channel showed an hour 3 episodes of the show.

In most cases, the Senshi's civilian names were changed to use the English dub names for the first two seasons, though with their original surname for example, instead of becoming "Molly Baker," Naru was "Molly Osaka".

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And I will punish you in the name of the Moon! Rubeus kept his name, but the other members of the Black Moon Clan were given the Spanish-translated versions of their namesake gems; Esmeraude became "Esmeralda," Saphir became "Zafiro," and Prince Demande became "Diamante.

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All of the episodes were aired without major changes except for episode 89which was the only episode never dubbed. These limited edition sets, called "Talk Boxes" because they had a button at the bottom that played a recorded message, were colored metal boxes that featured art of a specific character of the series.

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The only other song from the original which was dubbed was " Maboroshi no Ginzuishou ," which was used when Princess Serenity and the Silver Crystal appeared for the first time.

The Sailor Starlights, we have arrived!

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The Spanish version of these songs were performed by Marisa De Lille. There has been no news about further DVD releases. Las tres Sailor Scouts que protegen el sistema solar han venido a luchar" My planet protector is Uranusthe planet of wind, I am the Sailor of the air, Sailor Uranus.

In August it returned to Azteca 7, 21 years after its original broadcast. All five seasons were dubbed, as were the three movies.

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The Sailor Starlights still changed gender when they transformed, and were even given different voice actors in their male and female forms. Mamoru called Serena by name instead of a pet name, and Usagi called him "mi Darien" my Darien.

Sailor Moon R Vol. However, due to limited budget, only the character for that Talk Box would be talking through the preview; for example, in "Talk Box Venus," even if Luna and Usagi were talking in a preview in the original Japanese version, Minako would be telling the story of the new episode from her point of view in the dub audio.


Some characters had different names, however; for example, Umino was "Kelvin" in the first two seasons and "Kevin" in the third and fourth, while Yuuichirou was dubbed "Nicholas. My planet protector is Neptunethe planet of the deep sea, I am the Sailor of water, Sailor Neptune.

At first it was aired Monday-Friday from Mi planeta protector es Neptuno, el planeta de las profundidades marinas, soy la Sailor del agua, Sailor Neptune.