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I like to draw, and shooting pool, and exploring new adventures, and have fun woman 48 y.

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I dont know if this website has real people so just giving it a try and check my luck. How do you perform at places that are 21 and over?

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Jazz is like comedy because you can improv it and no one will notice. I was her at school.

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My name is Steve. Happy heart is key of happy brain And they're all single. Smart, witty, and fun-loving. I am honest,fun,very giving,big heart and real.

At just 10 years old, the dry-yet-spunky comedian has been making waves around the Internet with precociously edgy one-liners. I have never dated before but want a woman who is interested in an ameture. It's hard relating to adults because they're all sad and old.

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I really wanted to be Phyllis Diller, so I watched some of her stand-up. What are you working on in your comedy right now?

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So, you like Nirvana. I am shy until i get to know you but then I am extremely social. I have a joke about Nirvana. So you loved it the first time?

Coming off of a long-term relationship that ended somewhat poorly. I'm what I'm so ask me and I'll answer all your questions. What usually happens is we keep it in our journal for a long time and we find out different ways that we can convert it into a joke.

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What's your writing process like? Dragon Rider is my Nickname.

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I am looking for somebody that is real no bs no games. He's like a teacher. Unlike other comics, however, Saffy is still young enough to order off the kid's menu.

I enjoy indoors much as I enjoy outdoors, nature, the sea and mountains. How did you get cool taste in music? I think a lot of phonetics and words and grammar because I totally got your question. What have you noticed about the adult comedians you work with?

Nobody is perfect,but I'M It was an open mic, so yeah. Saffron shrugged on the "yeah," so as to say -- as comics often do -- "it was what it was. We talked to Saffron about her writing process and what it's like to be a kid who's also a rising comic.

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I like to travel and weeken I am a scorpio and an INFJ. I love sports,travel,movies,great tv shows,going out to eat,or cooking great food at home.

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I don't necessarily have aspirations for something like that again, but I want to get back into the dating scene man 54 y. Socially presentable and looks that won't scare your dog. I always wanted to do stand-up, because I wanted to just tell jokes and be awesome.

If they're bad, I wait outside. How do you get ideas for jokes? Who are your favorite comedians?

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Did you get laughs? Life is great and let enjoy. In my free time I can be found reading, going for walks, going out for coffee, shopping, dinner and good wine. I like the outdoors,it would also be nice to be cuddled up on the couch watching a movie.

I also do out of town atv trips.

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My dad he taught me about jazz. I love sex all the time, and I want to make the partner wants to have it to. I have a very good job that I love.


My uncle has a lot of records at his house, and he knows a lot of rock songs. I wore a big dress and I had big wig and a boa. I make fun of them a lot. It depends on what comedians are going up, too. He taught me about Nirvana when I was little. One day I asked my dad, "Can I do stand-up? She's sarcastic, frequents open mics and likes to wear a T-shirt when she performs.

I love meditation, yoga, exercise, racquetball and outgoing person. I host all the time. Saffron is on Twitter, because of course she is. Who do you relate better to: A lot of them work in restaurants.