[Breaking] Girl’s Day’s Hyeri And Actor Ryu Jun Yeol Confirmed To Be Dating [Breaking] Girl’s Day’s Hyeri And Actor Ryu Jun Yeol Confirmed To Be Dating

Ryu jun yeol and hyeri dating. [★breaking] girl’s day’s hyeri and actor ryu jun yeol confirmed to be dating

Ryu Jun Yeol Hyeri Dating

Can it cure the disappointment in the real world? Hyeri was busy with various activities. The actor's agency C-JeS Entertainment later confirmed their relationship.

As if they were dating.

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Hyeri's agency, Dream T Entertainment, also confirmed their relationship and asked fans to support them. Then have they been dating for a long time? U Weekly, bnt Ryu Jun Yeol is famous as a sincere actor in the entertainment world. With a busy schedule, they realized they could not meet each other.

News Celebrity The couple became close friends while filming the hit drama back in and are currently 'still in the early stages of their relationship.


In a photo taken in March, the two were talking intimately. Both look at each other with a friendly gaze. Dispatch released a series of photos of them going on dates in disguise.

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Hyeri is already open with her relationship, Ryu Jun Yeol is also a shining star. We ask that people watch over them warmly as their relationship is still in the early stages. One photo saw them sitting next to each other on a bench at Seokcheon Lake in March.

Thank you," the agency said in a statement. When Hyeri is in the process of transforming herself from singer to actress, she gets strength with warm words from her good friend Ryu Jun Yeol. Jun Yeol, meanwhile, was waiting for her inside a parking basement.

Next Entertainment World, MBC, SBS, Based on the people in the entertainment world, both have a great sympathy as a good co-worker even though they have various activities.

Actor Ryu Jun-yeol dating 'Reply 1988' co-star Hyeri: agency

On the 16th, a media released the photos of them who were on a date. They wore padded jackets in order to hide their identities. Or are they just starting a relationship when the photos are revealed?

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You can share this post! The pair, who played childhood friends on the drama, have been revealed to be dating after meeting for the first time while filming the drama. In the tough world of entertainment life, the two people naturally evolve from co-workers into partners.


Fans are happy to see them dating in real life. In another photo, Hyeri could be seen leaning her head on Jun Yeol's shoulder.

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Another set of photos were taken on August 11, shortly after Hyeri returned from Europe. The "I'll Be Yours" songstress was photographed exiting a taxi as she was going to meet the "Lucky Romance" star at an apartment building.

In a drama Hyeri married Park Bo Gum.