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You can pick up a water regulator at most RV stores and at some RV park stores. If you have a sewer hose support set it up now allowing a slope from the RV down to the sewer connection to assist in dumping the tanks.

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Move truck mirrors to the IN position for use without trailer. Open truck hitch latch bar security latch. Plus, I show you my version of each hook at the end. Frequently Asked Questions Here's some of the questions I've gotten about this course What's different about it?

When we arrive at an RV park we usually leave the black tank closed and only let the grey water pass straight through to the outside sewer. If you are in a motor home and are towing otoplastica costi yahoo dating vehicle you may want to disconnect the vehicle in the campground registration parking lot before going to your site.

Use only the items that apply to your RV and feel free to tailor the list to your needs.

Hook Up Checklist

Turn the refrigerator on in the electric mode. Whenever you are operating slideouts, keep all windows closed for safety and have someone on the outside watch for people, clearance and obstacles in its path. Remove padlock from truck hitch.

Electrical adapters may be needed, but keep extension cord use to a minimum. Install foam rubber bumpers on the lower edges of bedroom slider.

Hook Up Checklist. How to Set up a Travel Trailer at a Campground | USA Today

NOTE Raise the trailer by extending the front jack-legs. Plug into the receptacle that matches the amperage requirements of your RV. Stow jack crank handle. Determine if you need to back in or if it is a pull through site. Be sure to turn it so the locking tabs securely lock in place.

Plug into the receptacle that matches the amperage requirements of your RV use electrical adapters as required. Make sure there are no low hanging branches or other obstacles that will interfere with the RV.

Prepare slider units for moving to the OUT position. If you have cable do not use the antenna booster. Lower the trailer by retracting the front jack-legs. Now open the gray tank valve and allow it to drain completely and flush the sewer hose out at the same time.

Put stabilizer jacks down if applicable.

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Put the outdoor carpet mat down Set up the lawn chairs Put the awning out see awning checklist Start the BBQ and have fun!! Put entry steps out. Before driving off, do a walkaround, checking that everything looks OK. If you have a switch for the steps turn it off so the steps stay out when the door is closed.

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Inspect the leveling jacks if so equipped for operation. Such tow bars are manufactured by Roadmaster and Blue Ox. I learned a lot. Treat the black tank with holding tank chemicals every time you dump it Turn the main LP gas supply valve on at the tank or bottles Make sure your water heater tank is full by opening a hot water faucet and waiting until you get a steady flow of water ie.

Be sure there are no low-hanging branches or other obstacles that will interfere with the RV.

A Major Leap In Hook-Writing Technique

Remove slide out travel locks. Identify where all campground connections are and where you want the RV located to have access to all connections. All content as is, no warranty. If needed, replace any drained or discharged batteries.

Push hitch latch bar into the closed position so that hitch jaws close. Let it drain completely then close the valve.

Checklists for RVers - RV Information (RV Travel Tips)

Connect clear degree elbow to trailer sewage outlet pipe. Connect electric cable to the amp connector at campsite electric hookup panel. If needed, replace any blown fuses. If you have any questions, contact your dealer or a qualified propane service representative for assistance.

Open the locking tabs on the outside range hood vent door if you plan to use the range exhaust fan. I have seen it time and again when a camper pulls in and they are having problems with something and their next door neighbor, whom they never met, is right there to assist them.

Take into consideration where slide outs will be and if there is room to put the awning out. Position door handrail for entry use. The following list is only a suggestion of some of the supplies you should consider for your First Aid Kit.

Test electric power with multi-meter. A Basic Campground Setup Checklist: Leave hitch latch bar security latch in the unlocked position.

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I was able to take these concepts and put them to work on my own music immediately after watching. I feel ready to try them out because of the way that Friedemann presented the ideas, showing how they work. If at all possible, try to avoid using an extension cord Turn the refrigerator on in the electric mode If you have a water pressure regulator hook it up to the campground water supply.

Attach the other end of the sewer hose in the seal and securely connect.

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Towing a vehicle with two wheels on a dolly, or all four wheels on a trailer would require a different checklist. Extend the tow bar, insert the brackets, insert and lock the pins. If you let the black tank fill up you will avoid toilet paper from building up a pyramid in the tank and you will be able to flush it out well with a full tank.

The course itself is 45 minutes long, plus a Quickfix class on Reading Notation 30 minutesplus two minute videos with the in-depth hook analysis. If you have a motor home and there is a battery disconnect switch for the chassis battery turn it off to prevent any drain on the starting battery.

Attach padlock to stationary part of truck hitch security latch and lock padlock.


Be sure and get a good seal and connection. This is an excerpt from the book to assist new campers when they arrive at the campground. Perform the following steps to connect trailer to campsite electric hookup.

Unlike many gay men, I had never used Grindr before. Check the circuit breakers and test the GFCI. Place the sewer hose donut or seal in the campground sewer connection.