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I ended up buying the entire first season off iTunes. Over the course of it's seven season run, my opinion on Patrick Warburton has totally changed, as I was not a fan in the first couple of seasons, and it was only David Spade who brought the laughs for me, but Adhir Kalyan has been a breath of fresh air to the show as Timmy, and totally revitalised the show making it much funnier.

Timmy mentions that he was born in South Africa.

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This marks the second sitcom David Spade has starred in that contains the word "Rules" in the title. I enjoy the other cast members more but not saying he doesn't add to the show.

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Spade voiced the main character, Emperor Kuzco, and Warburton voiced the main villain's idiotic evil sidekick, Kronk. I hope this series has a long run. Meanwhile, Timmy is facing deportation when his work visa expires after Russell fails to sign his papers.

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His dry sense of humor has me rolling all the time. Adhir Kalyanthe actor who plays him, was born in Durban, South Africa.

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David Spade is funny, but sometimes a little Russell goes a long way. When Brenda goes into labour, Adam and Jennifer contemplate if they should change their wedding plans.

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I know this is nitpicking but previously Timmy had stated he had been an American citizen for years in the season 5 Episode 'Double Down' when Russell throws a "citizenship party" for Timmy trying to impress a girl.

This is now one of my favorite comedy shows. Plot In A Paragraph: The writers should have picked up on that as it was a big part of the episode. One of my biggest bugs about this show was the dumbing down of Oliver Hudson's character, however Sara Rue was a delightful addition to the cast.

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Patrick Warburton is the key. Megyn Price was always my favourite female member of the cast, in terms of looks and she was funniest female member of the cast too as Bianca Kajlich never seemed to do much except stand about looking attractive.

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Do yourself a favor. If you haven't checked this one out, give it a try.

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Was this review helpful to you? Both Oliver Hudson and Bianca Kajlich appeared as prominent characters on Dawson's Creek in the show's sixth season.

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But that is only a minor problem. If you can catch the episode where "Jeff" goes to the sperm bank, you will see how good this show is. I will miss this gang, and will still watch the reruns on syndication.

The other was 8 Simple Rules Rules of Engagement Trivia: