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Act One Nemorino is in love with Adina but has nobody in whom he can confide, least of all the woman he adores.

Nemorino — now under pressure — asks Dulcamara for another dose of the elixir, but Dulcamara will not sell him one for less than 20 scudi and Nemorino no longer has enough money. Belcore, who sees in this a good opportunity to get rid of his rival, offers Nemorino 20 scudi if he will enlist in his regiment.

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He also offers her a love potion but she declines with thanks — saying she prefers to rely on her own powers of judgement.

Out of pity for Nemorino she buys him out of his contract with the military.

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Nemorino, however, would rather die on the battlefield than live without Adina. He is full of admiration for her: Nemorino turns into a daredevil, preferring to die in battle rather than see his beloved Adina fall into the hands of strapping Sergeant Belcore.

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Nemorino, who still has not heard the news, puts the amazing behaviour of the village girls down to the fact that the potion he has just bought and drunk is working. Nemorino has hardly swallowed the elixir — which is a pure Bordeaux — before his self-esteem begins to grow.

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This change in Nemorino, his seeming indifference, merely makes Adina defiant. Adina finally admits her feelings for Nemorino and breaks her engagement to Belcore, who has no alternative than to follow orders and go off to war. Belcore loses no time in proposing marriage to Adina the first time they meet — he urges her rapid acceptance — the wedding tomorrow and back to the battlefield the day after.

She has also taken a fancy to Belcore, one of a detachment of soldiers stationed in the area.

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And the potion promptly takes effect. And the listeners are left with the hope that this music might be able to transform them, too. Shrinking violet Nemorino really turns up the volume courting Adina after just a couple of sips of the love elixir he purchased from miracle doctor, Dulcamara.

Nemorino is now forced to act: Nemorino is horrified as he sees time working against him.

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Dulcamara, who never misses a chance to do business, sells the delighted Nemorino a love potion and promises him that the object of his passion will be his within twenty-four hours. She decides to marry Belcore that same day.

Nemorino signs up with no hesitation.

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He laments about himself, however, for being stupid and without means. But Adina rejects him, saying that his feelings are in vain and he should rather look after his sick old uncle.

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The ambitious Adina cannot resist the charms of the bold Nemorino — and even Dulcamara is flabbergasted at the energy and transformation released by his deception: Nemorino asks Dulcamara about the magic potion, an elixir of love, which he has heard Adina reading about in the story of Tristan and Isolde.

But what wonders a little bottle of Bordeaux can work! For her part, Adina is interested in what she has just been reading, the story of Tristan and Isolde.