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Sometimes one can argue about small issues regarding organizing, but as I mentioned before, the organizers learn each year how to handle better unwanted situation and honestly at both festivals is benedict cumberbatch dating anyone can enjoy a very pleasant experience.

Hocico - live @ rockstadt extreme fest 2016

To be politically involved or to book bands that have a political message. We're probably the first band introducing it into the modern music. Yes, Rockstadt Extreme Fest starts to build up a name.

It's a pretty solid festival and it becomes better and more professional with each edition. That's a very ancestral instrument, which dates for thousand of years. But we lately made one extra for a show in Vilnius and one for the show in Kiev, where we traveled with airplanes.

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Many metalheads know the biggest European festivals. When we play or talk to the people we don't do it to please them.

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It's pretty normal that people start to appreciate it more and more. Otherwise, no cancellation and no superstition. And I feel it's very appropriate to thank people. They attracted attention lke magnet during one solid festival and made me stare and listen to the last second of their performance.

Your latest tour has been held in February, while the latest location was northern Tallin within Howls of Winter IV-underground black metal fest.

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And I've had the wish to chat with the band for a long time. Stay true to your path and see you soon, we hope, in real. Bunget and here it is again.


I also thank you very much for the support. We don't play the music what they wanna listen as we don't talk the things they wanna hear. I prefer to take things individually and judge it so. Music is where I feel home and the home has no direction, no preference.

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Some years ago I practically managed to be there, but due to my stupidity failed in the epic way. Sometimes seeing a band can be very inspiring.

Was this stuff important for you when you were younger? Usually I enjoy very much experimental music.

Rockstadt Extreme Fest 2016

And that's the inner motherland. Does Dordeduh have any superstition like the raven caws the wrong tonalitythat makes you cancel the show or even tour? We kept the ritualistic use of it in our music and I think it's a very unique percussion instrument.

Could you help me out as Romanians and participants of Rockstadt Extreme Fest? I'm always looking to find novelty in music, to get inspired and to hear musicians that play authentically.

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But on the other hand, splitting people into categories like elevated people and low vibe people is just another way of creating categories. Thank you so much for joining us! Is Belarus in the list? Could you name 5 things that make these bands principally different?

But that's all we have. I also could say that people in Balkans can get very temperamental.

" cancellation and no superstition." - Interview with Hupogrammos (Dordeduh)

And the moment has come: And no, we don't have a warehouse full of those boards hahaha. And now I can tell a lot about Hungary, but nothing about Romania and the festival. During your shows one can sometimes hear people saying things like: Also, if there's a music that it's not hearth felt, I'm not really interested.

Must care be taken to keep such instrument?

E‐an‐na Concert Setlist at Rockstadt Extreme Festival on August 14, |

Still there are less popular fests with amazing line-ups. And yes, we would like to visit Belarus in the future, but in order to be able to play there, promoters have to invite us. Are there any issues like this on Romanian events? We do it because we feel it's right and appropriate.

I talked to Hupogrammos Edmond Karban - the heart of Dordeduh. I personally enjoy listening bands before or after playing.

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