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On-Screen Dating; Revealed Boyfriend In Interview

Gennie soon decides to be with Nikhil and splits with Nicky, who leaves the village. Details of the murder were kept a secret to ensure viewers would be surprised. Nikhil, Brenda, Bob and Chas are devastated when they learn Gennie has died.

However, Nicky explains that he was trying to get Gennie open world dating sim job.

Emmerdale boss tells how gripping storyline left her an emotional wreck | Daily Star

After growing close to Eli, they share a kiss but he tells her that he is not attracted to her and she insists she isn't attracted to him.

On her way to a call out, Gennie runs over and kills a sheep. They become close when Brenda moves in with Terry and Bob and his twins move into the flat with Gennie.

Gennie's sister Chas tells him that Debbie suffered just as much from what Cameron did.

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Gennie becomes interested in Nikhil and is jealous when he starts seeing Chas. Bob is shocked when he learns of Gennie's feelings, who attempts to involve herself with other men to move on. Brenda eventually turns up, but she soon collapses and suffers a seizure.

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He tells how he started looking for her after his godson Daniel Thomas died of sudden infant death syndrome. He fights with Nicky and Gennie tells him to stay away from them. Gennie develops a crush on Bob, despite the fact he is married. Gennie tells Chas about her crush on Nikhil, which leads to a scuffle.

On-Screen Husband In 'Emmerdale'

Chas convinces Brenda that Gennie is working at the vets, and for a short time, she does work there. Brenda agrees to have surgery, which is successful. When the police and paramedics arrive, Debbie tells them that she saw the accident scene while driving by.

Feeling unable to take her home, he gave her up for adoption. Gennie sends him a Valentine's Day card, but Paddy thinks someone is making fun of him.

Sian Reese Williams

Nikhil proposes to Gennie and she accepts. Being a new driver, Gennie panics and starts speeding. Nikhil and Molly return to the village in October Gennie tries to prove she is a true Dingle, and finally does so when she steals a client from Eric Pollard Chris Chittellmaking money in the process.

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Gennie and Nikhil bring the date of their wedding forward because of Brenda's illness, which angers Brenda. She loses control of the car plunges down a steep ravine.

Shadrach had planned to leave his wife for Gennie's mother, Shirley Pascoe, but she died in childbirth.

Emmerdale’s Rik Makarem is already backing out of soap role just three months after his big return

My decision to leave has nothing to do with Emmerdale - it's such a special place and I will always cherish it - but I feel it's the right time for me to say goodbye and find new challenges.

However, they later sleep together and are shocked when Viv returns. She recovers in hospital and becomes friends with Ross and his cousin Paddy Dominic Bruntwhen they visit her in hospital.

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Gennie joins the church choir after Nicola De Souza Nicola Wheeler hears her beautiful singing voice. Jamie accuses them of restarting their affair and tells Viv about it.

Sian Reese-Williams

Gennie is nervous about singing in front of other people, especially when she learns they would be entering a choir competition to help stop the church being closed as she was only comfortable singing when she was alone.

However, Chas dumps Nikhil for Gennie's sake. After seeing Debbie in the Woolpack, he is angry and upset and insults her as he believes she caused Gennie's death. Gennie is not happy with this as it means Brenda would visit more often.

Gennie develops feelings for Paddy, and Chas encourages her, even though she knows Paddy is more interested in her. Gennie soon realises the truth and begs her family to give the money back.

On the day of the wedding day, Gennie explains that she cannot get married without her mother there.