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Purchase a Composite to Coaxial Modulator

Just type in a general search term, such as " RF modulator ," then narrow your results by brand, type, and condition to find the ideal box for your entertainment system.

You can also look for local sellers to help reduce delivery costs and times, or purchase RF modulator kits that include everything you need to install your RCA to coax converter.

When the modulator is on, a green or red light typically appears in the front panel. Connect the Cables After choosing the right composite to coaxial modulator, connect the RCA and two coaxial cables to the unit.

Turn on the television set and use the remote to turn on the power to the modulator.

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If the modulator requires an additional power source, plug in the power cord before setting the source channel. Use the switch on the back of the modulator box to set the source channel, which can be channel three or four.

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How to Buy a Composite to Coaxial Modulator on eBay Sellers on eBay offer a widow dating website variety of composite to coaxial modulators with convenient shipping options. In the event that the power light on the composite to coaxial modulator box does not illuminate, refer to the manufacturer's manual to diagnose the issue or reset the box via the control panel.

RF Modulators

Ensure that the red cable connects to the red input, the white cable to the white input, and the yellow cable to the yellow input. Also, make sure that the source channel on the TV matches the RF video converter box, and that all components, such as the satellite or cable box, are plugged into the unit.

Tune the TV to the same source channel, and then turn on any other entertainment devices to verify the connection. After turning off the secondary device, the RF modulator should automatically switch back to the TV picture.

The RF modulator should be able to detect the cable input automatically. Troubleshoot RF Modulator Issues If the devices are not working properly, test the connections for each input and output and ensure they are snug.

This becomes problematic for owners of older televisions with composite inputs, as they are not able to hook up newer entertainment devices, such as video game consoles and Blu-ray players, to their current TV sets. Also, take specific features into consideration when purchasing an RCA converter.

Attach the Coaxial Cables Connect one end of the coaxial cable to the cable box or TV antenna, and the other end to the input labeled "Antenna In" on the back of the modulator.

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When searching for the ideal modulator, verify that the unit is compatible with a wide range of players and gaming systems, and that it has a separate coaxial input if connecting a cable box, satellite, or antenna to the device.

When operating a secondary device such as a DVD player or gaming console, simply switch the channel to three or four and turn on the device to display the picture.

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RCA, or composite cables consist of three color-coded channels, while the coaxial cables that are commonly used today only have one.

Purchase a Composite to Coaxial Modulator A composite to coaxial modulator, which is also known as an RF modulator, is available at electronics stores and through sellers on eBay.

How to Hook Up a GE RF Modulator

If the modulator requires an additional power source, use another outlet to determine if the current outlet may be faulty. Fortunately, it is possible to convert RCA to coaxial with the help of an easy-to-use modulator.

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For example, some modulators allow for viewing a device on multiple TVs throughout the home. Calculate the necessary length of the coaxial cables by measuring the distance from the antenna or cable box to the television.