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There are the driver coaches with a locomotive cab eg RailJet. British Rail Class In the mean time, PESA announced a name-giving competition for their new platform. The locomotive Pesa will present at the Innotrans will have an additional combustion engine.

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A rendering of the future design is now also available in white. The prospect shows us a rather dark impression of a black and gray locomotive. This version, designated as E, will have kW duration power and a additional, small combustion engine for shunting purposes. It is time for the real scoops: Everyone can participate and submit up to two names.

For economy, the diesel engine and its generator are considerably smaller than the electric capacity.

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Pesa locomotive platform has a name: Gama Marathon was first presented in at InnoTrans Berlin. Gama was selected as the best name for the new locomotive.

The Southern Region of British Railways used these locomotives to cross non-electrified gaps and to haul reynek kolejowy flirt trains that used tramways at the ports of Southampton and Weymouth.

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Primarily electric[ edit ] British Rail Class 73no. These will normally operate under pure electric traction where possible, and use the diesel engines american girl dating muslim man beheads extend the journeys along non-electrified sections which would not be cost effective to electrify.

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This is effectively an electric locomotive with a relatively small auxiliary diesel prime mover intended only for low-speed or short-distance operation e. B — multiple unit trains using 1. Some of these, such as the British Rail Class 74were reynek kolejowy flirt from electric locomotives.

Voith Futura, a concept locomotive rebuilt from DB They must have missed the news about the Vectron Last Mile.

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Yesterday, Pesa revealed it's new locomotive, the Gama Marathon Ed Only dynamic elements can be found up front, where the roof lines of both meet in a bow underneath the front windows. Check the Pesa Link! The locomotive then underwent a series of tests with rail operators Lotos Kolej in goods traffic and PKP Intercity in passenger traffic[5] [6] after successful conclusion it was offered on the market.

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Overview[ edit ] Electro-diesel locomotives and electro-diesel multiple units are used to provide continuous journeys along routes that are only partly electrified without a change of locomotive, extensive running of diesel under the wires using a diesel locomotive where electrified lines are available or where diesel engines are banned.

The dead line for this competition is October order for nine freight Co-Co locomotives. Let's hope this will look better in combination with the black in real life Is Pesa developing some uniformity here?

Rolling stock manufacturer PESA is developing a new multi purpose platform for four-axle electric locomotives. This locomotive was on loan from Fragonset Railwaysand has since returned to main-line service with RT Rail.

Full dual-mode[ edit ] With modern electronics, it is much easier to construct or adapt an electro-diesel locomotive or multiple-unit which is equally at home running at high speeds both "under the wires" and under diesel power e.

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The exterior design of the Gama is in line with other modern locomotive products. Orders signedto be delivered probably GAMA In we will experience the introduction of yet another Polish manufacturer on the market for modern locomotives. The sides are enhanced by a white and green pattern of squares.

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New is that Pesa wants to offer both an multi-system electric and a diesel-electric version kW of the Gama. Pesa from Poland, Is currently developing the new Gama locomotive platform.

The primary function for these models is to provide a "one-seat ride" a rail trip that doesn't require a transfer to a different train between the electrified and non-electrified sections of a rail system or to allow trains to run through tunnels or other segments of track where diesel locomotives are generally prohibited due to their production of exhaust; such locomotives are used for certain trains servicing the New York City terminals of Grand Central Terminal and Penn Stationas the various rail tunnels into Manhattan have exhaust restrictions.

Once out of the tunnels, the engines are started and operation is as a normal diesel locomotive. Most remarkable detail are the extra daylight light units, similar to those that are now popular in the automotive industry and were made popular by Audi.

What strikes us most is the front end design of the locomotive and its similarity with the recently presented Pesa Link train sets. Both the markets for freight and passenger services should be served with this new concept.

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This series is a rebuild of FEVE 1. They may also be used on long cross-country routes to take advantage of shorter sections of electrified main lines. Bombardier, Siemens and Alstom have one design for their standard locomotives, but its a first to see some synergy between a locomotive and a train set in modern products.

The first unit to be built will be ready in and will be a four-axle version for 3kV voltage systems read: However, this recommendation must be based on the design of the driver's desk, not the driving experience, as the Gama still has to start its initial test runs.

They may be designed or adapted mainly for electric use, mainly for diesel use or to work well as either electric or diesel. This special version will be called 'Marathon', because the additional engine will have a range of 40 km, almost as far as Despite this large difference, their comparable tractive efforts were much closer around three-quarters as diesels and so they could start and work equally heavy trains as diesels, but not to the same speeds.

What their function is on a locomotive is unclear. Other good options were Raptor, Quadra and EnergyLok.

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Curious is that Pesa states that only one other competitor is working on a similar solution. Also, the Gama Marathon is officially recommended by the professional association of train drivers in Poland. Pesa will present the Gama platform.