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Software and hardware were standardized and the rates for surgical interventions were finalized by the central government. In case of Cashless service, the patient will not have to spend any amount for taking the treatment and hospitalization.

RSBY is India s first social security scheme that embraces a profit motive, involving 20 insurance companies, private and public hospitals, state governments and the centre, each acting as a check on the other.

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This card will show codes of each ailment and package cost. About eight states U. Individuals can choose to sign up for sign up in individual districts as they see fit but the information they use can dating with hsv 1 oral be sent out to different spots all around India.

Another major visible RSBY impact is a reduction in out-of-pocket expenditures on health. These schemes provide an effective and affordable healthcare service to all citizens including BPL category, rural population.

People who are registered under welfare boards may also qualify for getting into the program.


The central and state governments will jointly bear the premium of providing quality health care to the poor in all districts of India through RSBY.

This is an IT enabled scheme and will provide for healthy competition among public and private health care providers leading to real improvements in health infrastructure specially in rural areas.

Although meant to cover the entire BPL populationabout Increase in outpatient expenditure, hospitalization and medicines have compelled insurance companies to exclude several diseases out of their policies and thus making it not affordable for BPL families.

It enables the BPL households to choose between public and private hospitals.


Hospital gets an incentive for treating a large number of beneficiaries, even public hospitals will have the incentives under RSBY. The schemes protects the poor from indebtedness and an un-affordable medical expenditure.

On an average Rs. The common dilemma facing policy makers is with regard to the need for a government sponsored health insurance cover despite health services being provided free in government hospitals.

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The insurer shall empanel enough hospitals in the district public or private so that beneficiaries need not travel very far to get the health care services.

The most important function of the smart card is that it enables cashless transactions at the empanelled hospital and portability of benefits across the country.

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It is a necessity for getting people around the country to feel in control of their lives and with less of a risk of harm in some way. But the situation could rapidly change as more private players get into the scheme and hospitalization rates go up.

Capacity development of stakeholders To successfully implement a complex scheme like RSBY, capacity building is necessary at all levels. The process normally takes less than ten minutes.

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The beneficiaries also gets cashless treatment in any hospital whether it is a government hospital or private health institution of state or country. Thus RSBY faced major challenges both before and during implementation: RSBY provides the participating BPL household with freedom of choice between public and private hospitals and makes him a potential client with Rs.

Mobile enrollment stations are set up at local centres e.

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Before RSBY, no central-government-funded health sector scheme had been successful at reaching beneficiaries. Keeping this background in mind, Government of India decided to design a health insurance scheme which not only avoids the pitfalls of the earlier schemes but goes a step beyond and provides a world class model.

This in turn should improve upon how the national healthcare system works. Railway Vendors and Porters: The objective of RSBY is to provide protection to BPL households from financial liabilities arising out of health shocks that involve hospitalization.

Within 2 plus years of operation, RSBY is considered one of the most successful government funded social protection schemes in India in a public-private partnership mode.

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Hospitals will be paid through each beneficiary. New private hospitals are being set up in rural areas because of the business potential. In less than 3 years the RSBY has enrolled more than a third of India s BPL families the target is to enroll million poor by through this innovative scheme.

The central government standardized all implementation documents such as contracts between state governments and insurance companies. The national government has put in a significant amount of money into the system.

This trend can create the infrastructure that India's healthcare system desperately needs. The scheme especially provides better security to those who are poor.

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This is especially to see that the right people in each household will be eligible to get a part of the scheme to work for them.

Empanelment of hospitals is done as soon as the insurer gets the contract. It may be considered a precursor to other social protection schemes in the country in future.

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The insurer public or private is paid premium for each household enrolled for RSBY. Cases of corruption and fraud can be tracked by the stakeholders themselves.