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I would recommend Cathy to anyone.

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But she makes some friends, especially a handsome composer Oliver James and her violinist roommate, Denise Dana Davis.

I have noticed an improvement in my abilities, but more importantly, so did my manager and my trainees.

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She was fun and easy going, a breath of fresh air! How did her brother and her teacher give her a chance to see things within herself that she did not see before?

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What did Terri like best about the music program? Newsletter Signup Sign up now for the first of many complimentary tips to help you shine when you speak. On the way home, their car is hit by a drunk driver, and Paul is killed. Duff has more hairdos than facial expressions, but the movie is designed around the one look she has down pat, a sort of sweet, slightly abashed, "Gosh, can I really do this?

Amazing voice and speaker coach, who dating goals tumblr great results, quick. Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about What should Terri have done when her mother and aunt told her to lie to her father about where she was?

Our lessons were fun — I had a blast! She has a great range of tools for improving all aspects of performance. When she is accepted into the program her mother Rita Wilson and aunt Rebecca De Mornay conspire to find a way for her enroll. I feel you are in an exceptional class all your own Cathy.

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Take advantage of her extensive background in broadcasting, voice, and media management. Testimonials "Cathy is an incredible speaker coach. Why was it easier for Paul to speak up than for Terri? Even though Paul is grounded, he and Terri sneak out to go to a rock concert.

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I wasn't sure how to do it without appearing contrived. Workshops Schedule a workshop for your office or take one of our in-house programs. She helped me prepare for my TEDxToronto talk with fabulous voice warm-ups, breathing exercises, and memorization work.

Continue reading Show less Is it any good? Families can talk about why Terri's father is so strict. If the studio-enhanced dubbing is a bit too obvious in the classroom scenes, it fits with the bubble-gumminess of the tunes.

Terri's father becomes even more strict. Her observations and coaching are invaluable!

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Squeaky-clean Hilary Duff's latest movie plays like a cross between a Disney-fied music video and a script developed by girls playing with Barbies. I would recommend hiring Cathy and in fact have hired her again. The program is more challenging than Terri imagined, filled with highly focused and very talented kids.

It does not go well when she tries to go beyond her range, as when she has to learn that her brother has died or confront someone she thinks has betrayed her, and especially in one painful moment when she tries to act "street.

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Look how adorable it is that I don't know I'm adorable" sort of look. Cathy is highly regarded as one of the top media consultants in Toronto.

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Cathy's coaching helped me deliver an authentic performance and create a rapport with the audience. So, it will please its target audience of tween girls while leaving parents relieved, if not entertained. Call us at or email cathy raiseyourvoicecoaching. Add your rating See all 21 kid reviews.

Why didn't Jay like Robin anymore? Her father thinks she is visiting her aunt.