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It's also a advertising free uk dating insect-like. You can also add or report your native station.

He doesn't talk much in the movies, but when he does it's very deep and has a slight ominous echo. Bahrain Radio FM Station gave you a facilitation of favorite your station. I imagined it was from some sort of distopian authoritarian government telling its citizens what to do, but I think you could just as easily use it as if it was a PA speaker from the 50s or something.

Surely offer our best radio application. Looking for a radio application which fast, clear, and have no bug? National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters - A national organization representing the interests of FCC licensed broadcasters in the private sector of the U.

Radio Denmark - Information about the activities of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation including news from Denmark and schedules relating to specific radio and television programmes.

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It's just for fun. S International Shortwave Broadcast community. Note that this shouldn't be used for real anonymising! Radio FM — Bahrain Online description: Silly Voice Effect This one does some funky reversing stuff that just makes the output audio sound very strange and confusing but still understandable.

Completely with run in background system. Cute Robot Voice Changer. One of the best internet mobile radio. Bahrain Radio FM Station, offer all station radio Bahrain application which everyone can access and use it easily.

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January 15 18 Signature: Make it easier to use if you want to do other application on your mobile phone. Robot Voice Changer This changes your voice into a very "tinny" little robotic-sounding voice.

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Radio Corporation of Singapore - Operates Singapore's largest radio network with 11 FM stations and 3 shortwave stations providing sound entertainment and up-to-the-minute news and information locally and internationally.

Information and connection to live Real Audio broadcasts. Russian Voice Effect This is a silly effect that chops up the audio clip into segments, reverses them, and then puts them all back together.

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You should do try to make your voice sound like the Dalek's when you record the audio, and this effect will do the rest. It oscillates your voice between high and low pitches in a way that makes it seem like time isn't flowing consistently - something's gone wrong with reality. This application only present these content in a user friendly way.

It first distorts your voice a bit and makes the signal noisy and then adds an echo effect.

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So maybe a robot alien insect. Behind the scenes I've done some fancy stuff with oscillating signals such that it's deeper and slightly distorted like the monster's voice box is a bit damaged or somethingand then I've cleard out the high frequency parts of the signal to smooth it off.

This app has a fast buffer to play, so you can listen all your favorite station without worry about the clearness of the voice. It gives your voice an eerie vibe that sounds like a ghost or spirit from a horror movie.

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Frequently asked questions are at the bottom of the page: More than 1 favorite channels are here with high quality radio and music which you can listen all the time. All station streaming URLs in this application are obtained from public domain internet.

Radio Jugoslavia - Yugoslavia's only external broadcast shortwave station; it broadcasts to all world regions in eleven languages.

It adds some fire crackling effects in the background, deepens your voice, and adds an ominous echo. Have favorite station and want to save them?

The echo is applied using a very cool audio technique known as "impulse response convolution". It sounds a little like some eastern European languages. Slow down audio clip online, slow voice changer online, slow voice converter online Slow Down Audio This one slows down your voice to half speed.

It uses "impulse response convolution" to create an "echo" of your voice that sounds a bit like a cymbal in a drum kit. Trademarks and logos belong to respective owners.

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RKi brings 10 languages news and Korean songs. Site provides program and frequency information. You can get this app for free and ready to enjoy at your mobile phone.

Much like the Balrog from Lord of the Rings. The "wah-wah" effect is often used in certain types of music via the use of a "wah-wah" pedal. Radio international - Information about Radiofree-radio, shortwave, and pirates free advertisements on our homepage, information about Pagers, and private homepages.

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Make your own list and listen your favorite station easily. Robot Voice Changer This adds some random "beep boop" noises to the background and gives your voice a very computerised timbre. Radio Netherlands - Information for the external service, news, features and information about Radio Netherlands, including Media Network.

Depending on the level of noise in the input audio clip, the output may actually be hard to understand.