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Andrei also wants to play, and the next day he takes all his savings, 47 thousand dollars, and, like Herman, plays the game Faroplacing the bet on number three.

He himself is confident that he can sing the part of Herman better than anyone else.

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Andrei worries that he will not be able to win money before the premiere, but on the day of the premiere they give him the necessary thousand dollars for him. After singing the last aria, Andrei breaks a glass and cuts his neck with the sharp edge.

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She visits Andrei at home and they become lovers. Only those 12 and over will be admitted into the performance. The musikbezirk harzflirt will ring with live music performed by soloist from leading Moscow theaters, backed by thirty-musician chorus and orchestra.

Sofia comes to her senses and together with Lisa receives an ovation from the enthusiastic audience. About Us Our team Casting Our partners Rules Queen of Spades is the first classical opera to be staged in a fully immersive format, complete with gorgeous costumes, breathtaking lighting, and lavish multimedia elements.

Since now he is in David's slavery, he is taken to the basement, where people place bets on the lethal game of Russian roulette.

Lisa comes to Andrei and finds him with Sofia, realizing that they became lovers. Mayer comes to an agreement with Golovin that Herman will be sung by Andrei, but Sofia as a member of the jury of a prestigious award will arrange so that Golovin's theatre will receive a gold statuette, which Golovin yet did not have.

Golovin's throat gets sick and he can not sing at rehearsals. David gives the money which he earned on bets to the unexpectedly materialised Sofia, who then leaves in her white car.

He wants to place one for a third time and win a million, but for this he needs to borrow more than three hundred thousand dollars. Mayer intends to sing the part of the countess herself, she invites the artistic director of the theater Vsevolod Golovin for the part of Herman, despite his mature age, and gives the part of Lisa to her niece Lisa, who was named in honor of the heroine of Tchaikovsky's opera.

Shortly before the premiere, Sofia cashes her last check secretly from Oleg and for some reason meets David.

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He is replaced by Andrei whose singing impresses Mayer. Andrei, who is Lisa's boyfriend and singer of the same opera troupe, also dreams of fame and money, but he does not get any role in the new production.

He returns to the theater, the play begins which takes place with triumph. Andrei is saved but he loses his voice. Please observe the rules of attending the performance.

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At the rehearsal Lisa refuses to sing her part, however, when Sofia begins the part, Lisa returns and sings it, showing a passion and power of voice which she previously lacked. Andrei again makes a bet in the casino, this time on number seven, and again wins. He is ready to lend money to Andrei if, in the event of a loss he becomes a slave of David.

Plot[ edit ] Opera diva Sofia Mayer after many years of emigration returns to Russia.

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Andrei strangles Sofia, not paying attention to her words that he played using her money. Ballet dancers will take viewers on their mysterious journey, and their guide into the world of chance, passion, and cruel fate will be Pushkin himself. Andrei sings for Mayer, but she does not give him any answer.

We are not responsible for tickets acquired from sources other than our website or the sites of our official partners redkassa. Only 54 guests will be admitted to each performance, the number of cards in a deck.

After three shots, Andrei remains alive, and his opponent dies.

The Queen of Spades

Andrei has a quarrel with Lisa who does not understand his new interest. He turns to the Caucasian criminal authority David, uncle of his best best friend Gagik. Andrei leaves the rehearsal in the casino and makes a bet on the ace, but loses: In the evening, when Oleg, Sofia and Lisa go somewhere, Andrei pursues them and gets into the underground casino of Oleg.

Otherwise, we may deny you entrance to the performance without compensation for the ticket cost. During the break, Andrei tells Sofia in the dressing room about his loss and asks her to help him, but she says that she no longer has money.

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Through Lisa, he gets to visit Mayer, who stays at her old friend and patron Oleg's place. The singer intends to stage Tchaikovsky 's "Queen of Spades" in the opera where she once made her debut.

The Queen of Spades

He learns that Sophia is a gambler, and has lost almost all of her fortune and even mortgaged her house in Paris. Andrei recalls that long ago in his childhood he heard Sofia's voice on the radio and starts to understand that he began to belong to her even then.

Viewers will plunge into the world of illusion conjured by Alexander Pushkin in his famous tale and set to music by the incomparable Peter Tchaikovsky.