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You will be in Dragona Online play and see the great graphics, lots of quests, PvP combat, crafting system, as well as easy to navigate.

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Join in a game Dragona Online does not take a lot of time and easy: Shooter Human, Male - the human race Dragona Online, which uses older technology. Ranger Eldin, Male - have the ability to attack multiple targets or to make an accurate shot while working a high level of damage in the game Dragon's line.

Follow the Dragon's Quest game online: Dragona Online game similar to the popular game Aion in terms of graphics and style of the players, as well as carrying out various tasks, such as killing local animals and huge dragons in honor of the nation.

They use a long sword for close encounters and refuse to take prisoners. Sniper Human, Female - Snipers are not only sexy in Dragona Online, but also armed with a wide range of essential blasters, allowing them to destroy enemies at a distance.

Alternative names: Dragon's online Dragon's

They are a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Spells can be directed to your arrows to paralyze enemies. On the main page, select the item "Registration"; Enter a valid e-mail; Enter a secure password, and repeat it; Select "Register" and Dragona Online registration is completed.

Gunners causing great damage to the enemy, using a short-range range of essential blasters. Online game Dragon's allow you to get the skills, crafts and enchanted items, you can turn your character into a more powerful enemy, using the souls of ancient dragons.

A unique feature of the game is the transformation - a special skill that gives extra strength and radically changes the look of your character.

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Scout Katcha, Female - blessed with breath of fire scouts can easily ignite their opponents in a single exhalation in Dragona Online. Players become young recruits, who are trained to become part of an expeditionary force. They have incredible power that allows them to break the armor of enemies.

This class can bare hands to keep the siege. Players will be able to participate in the PK or PvP battles.

Play Dragona Online. Join Dragona Online.

Before playing Dragona Online, make sure your computer meets the system requirements such as: A security guard Kalis, Male - master of the sword in the game Dragona Online. They are equipped with heavy armor and powerful guns, known as essential blasters.

In this world you will meet up with monsters and dragons. Engage in PvP battles Dragona Online or pass raid dungeons with your friends in this epic adventure.

They are able to use the poisonous blood or provoke panic, creating a dense fog. You can choose from four different races and up to eight different classes, and be able to turn your character into a legendary hero. Players must complete the mission to stop the evil haunting ground.


Shaman Katcha, Male - they involve the forces of nature in Dragona Online. You have to choose between eight different classes, and then it's time to prepare for war.

They are a valuable member of any party. Mage can illuminate the battlefield Mana Shield or cause meteor showers of rain. Killer Kalis, Female - hiding in the shadows, waiting to strike at the game Dragon's line.