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My lowest was 24mpg and that was around town and doing the opposite of hyper-milling in wet conditions. I know I've been gushing over the Cayenne, but it does have some things that I didn't like. You always feel these systems wobble in an automatic car where instant getaways are just a pedal mash away, but it's still acceptably brisk and leaves you feeling less guilty at traffic lights.

2013 Porsche Cayenne Diesel

Though with gas prices being generally lower than diesel prices it is worth noting that at 23 mpg, your fuel costs would be lower with a slightly less-efficient gas engine. But what really irks me is that both control up and down shifts.

If any long-time, old-school Porsche customers have left the brand in protest, it certainly is not evident by reviewing the company's sales numbers year-on-year.

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That figure of porsche cayenne diesel review uk dating Porscheon the other hand, markets an SUV and the purists retire, misty-eyed, behind closed drawing-room doors to weigh the ship dating merits of a bullet to the head versus a snifter of hemlock.

This one will do all that and moreā€¦" While MSN Cars lists 16 reasons, with all the breathless panic of an asthmatic, as to why the Cayenne S Diesel is the ultimate family car.

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They do build an SUV and they sell a ton of them. That said, no automaker does diesel SUVs as well as the Germans. It's going to be a while, perhaps even years. Then came the issue of completing the return journey without having been able to recharge the battery from a mains supply.

The cabin actually feels compact, either behind the wheel or in the front passenger seat. If Porsche is going to build the Cayenne -- and at this point they have to -- I'm glad they're building a diesel.

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At night the ambient lighting makes everything look so sexy! But I found myself thinking far more about the gear changes, which I can't stand.

Inside things get even better. Accept it, and the fact that it helps the company fund other activities like building world-class sports cars, and move on.

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Another case of big wheels ruining the ride The only real black mark over the Cayenne Diesel is the busy ride. This third-generation version is longer and lower than its predecessor while, the body is around 35kg lighter, which should help both performance and emissions.

Brim the Cayenne and the trip computer's range soars beyond miles, which is a welcome sight in a big 4x4 in The Cayenne is a master of deceit, but when all the tricks played on you turn out to actually be in your benefit, you can only be happy.

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The AWD system really works great in aggressive driving in the wet. The Cayenne Diesel's figures are bolstered by a quick-acting start-stop system.

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But, crossovers tend to ride higher than minivans, so you pay a penalty in fuel economy. Towing capacities with the eight-speed Tiptronic gearbox are the exact same across the Cayenne range -- 7, pounds -- regardless of engine. The element that perfectly illustrates this is the instrument cluster.

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History repeated itself and the vehicle became a huge success. For me, this Cayenne was a dirge, and I was expecting an aria. We're constantly berating car manufacturers for sending us cars on giant rims and the supersized Cayenne is no different.

In fact, the whole car feels rock solid, as one would expect of anything wearing a six-figure sticker.

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I don't have to think or focus on doing any one thing and instead focus solely on reacting to the car and my surroundings.

I didn't dare try the sport mode on the slick streets. Hell, Ferrari now builds a station wagon. I was pleased to find that this engine does not rob it of character or, let's be honest, useable performance.

Many criticized the looks, others pointed their fingers at the platform sharing with other VW Group cars, while purist considered a Porsche SUV as being a sacrilege.

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The dials themselves are a constant reminder you're in a Porsche, and the Cayenne by and large delivers on that promise. Thankfully you can ignore most of the switchgear festooning that giant centre console, and the large touchscreen is blissfully easy to operate. We were driving along nicely, when we passed a construction site located in a mountain area and the Cayenne seemed like it wanted to steer into it.

For those buyers the Cayenne diesel is an outstanding luxury SUV with QE2 levels of torque and remarkable fuel economy. Of course, add in the important factor of cost and that would probably change.