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She is normally regarded as air-headed, socially oblivious and generally off in her own little worldbut is one of the kindest ponies you'd ever meet barring Fluttershy. First, Trixie removes her mouth and never gives it back, not even before she asks forgiveness and receives itrendering her unable to eat or talk.

Highlighted in "Too Many Pinkie Pies. However, she doesn't love it enough to invite it to her crazy party the guests at said party include a bag of flour, a pile of rocks, and a ball of lint.

Pinkie Pie

Did your "Pinkie sense" tell you that too? In "Too Many Pinkie Pies", Pinkie's clones drive her to so much distress that she doesn't know whether she is the real Pinkie or not.

She has tinsel in her hair. Beware the Silly Ones: To add insult to injury, Thoroughly broken in "Pinkie Pride", when all her friends get swept up in anticipation of Cheese Sandwich's party planning skills and seem to forget that Pinkie even exists.

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Can't you watch me like a griffon? Very girly usually, but never break a Pinkie Promise. She can slurp up an entire cake larger than her head with her tongue.

In the s movie, she tells Twilight that she doesn't even want to talk to her after Twilight tried to steal the pearl from Seaquestria and yelled at her that she would be better off without friends. Shares this role with Fluttershy, being cheerful, childlike and adorable.

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In "Party Of One", you can see she has a large teddy bear in her bedroom. She comes with a delicious-looking cake accessory. Highlighted in "Swarm of the Century" where nopony takes her seriously until her music drives the parasprites out of Ponyville, demonstrating that she was right all along.

And finally, look at all the mugs of apple cider she can down in one setting.

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G3 Pinkie Pie was The Leader of the Core 7 late into the generation beginning around and wasn't nearly as hyperactive. The fact that she is the only Pinkie to question herself may have contributed to her passing the test. Wedding pony figure comes with accessories.

The ponies shine and sparkle here! Know When to Fold 'Em: She is broken by Discord in "Return of Harmony - Part 1" and becomes convinced everypony is laughing at her. She's basically The Hub's mascot at this point though the show often uses her as a means to take shots at the mentality underlying many uses of this trope for example, "The Piggy Dance," which parodies the overly simplistic and repetitive nature of many children-directed songs, and seals the deal by causing the infant Cake twins to cry in response to it.

She becomes reduced to talking with inanimate objects and sporting a Slasher Smile when she thinks her friends are rejecting her.

Pinkie Pie

The clones cause her so much distress that even she questions whether or not she is in fact the real Pinkie Pie. It is mostly in her focus episodes where we are allowed to see her other moods.

Includes 2 pony figures, bathtub, 4 barrettes, 2 hair wraps, 5 jewels, curlers, towel, swim tube, snorkel, 2 perfume bottles and comb. Her favorite method of eating often seems to involve plunging her face into food.

Includes 2 pony figures, tiara, necklace and comb. This is also the moment when she gets her "key. This is deconstructed sometimes by showing how tiring that can be on other ponies and annoying to those that don't know her well. See Genius Ditzabove. She's a good example of this parties, smile, friendship, etc unless you push her Berserk Button.