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The movie is loosely based on the first story Holly dating michael profanadores de Tumbas The Grave Robbersbut adding a science fiction theme. For almost twenty years it held the title of the most expensive Mexican movie ever filmed.

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Terror from the Grey Planet" The Colombian run of the comic-book lasted for more than issues. Magicians of Crime" Invasion of the Satanic Worshipers " Sons of Satan" Only the cover was done in full color, but also painted with acrylics.

As a result of this ruling, Marvel Comics had to pay royalties to Promotora K for legally using "Incredible" in Hulk's titles. The comic book was printed in sepia tones, with an artistic watercolor painting feeling on every page, like most of the Mexican comics of that time instead of the CMYK used in American comics.

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It was less successful than the first one though, and for some time there were no plans for other movies based on the character. The original series ran untilwith a total of 1, weekly issues.

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Medina also stated he was negotiating with Marvel Comics a deal about reprinting the comic, but also including an option to produce a Movie. Legal issues[ edit ] The comic was so popular that was one of the few Mexican comics consistently sold in the United States, mostly along the states of the south, which have a large Latin American population.

In the late 70's, complete stories were also published as paperbacks in a large volume format, and the first ones were also reprinted with new art, but in full color like most American comics as an independent comic title as "Kalicolor" but the public did not accepted very well the colored versions and they didn't run for long.

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After issuethe comic began to reprint the complete series in the same order as they were originally published. The Black Knight The Tiger of Hong-Kong 6. Eric von Kraufen 2.

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Sacha Moster first original story created exclusively for the comic 8. It was a huge success, being in theaters for more than a year.

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From time to time, the original sepia comics are reprinted up to our days, either as serialized comics or collected editions.