SHINee's Key is interested in A Pink's Eunji? SHINee's Key is interested in A Pink's Eunji?

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When I come across a song, I just keep replaying it and I listen to nothing else. See post here September? While doing a job that I like.

Yet, this man told us to never do it again and gave us won. March 26 my birthday, yay! I thought he was living halfway in some kind of unreality. HyeongSeop uploads a picture of a conversation with Key from Kakaotalk on his twitter. I have this old fashioned fixed concept that a model must do modelling.

People are different according to the way they dress.


Regardless of polish dating australia women true nature of their relationship, Key does seem happier and glowing ever since Hyeongseop's appearance into his life early I was a premature baby, but this is how I grew up.

I wanted to study music, but I had to give up on this dream because I became a model. It's really interesting reading all these rumours. Those which levy an annual fee, but if you can dating hyeong key seop please the other the most of my friends hyeong park and none.

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Many designers and foreign celebrities that could help me follow me. Somewhere between June 20 and June How do you see yourself in 10 years?

Love that bc i want to make things. It might be because of that that I wanted to go to college. I ate 8 meals a day and I took 5 packs of proteins supplements each day.

Because I was ugly.

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Do you have a girlfriend right now? What have you been fascinating with lately? Which physical feature in a woman is the most important for you?

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Retrieved September 25, Are we talking about having encounters with each other? I was born with a small bone structure. I was curious of how fashionable I could be based on what I wear. They are definitely closer to eachother than the months prior, and Key is clearly infatuated by Hyeongseop's presence.

What do you do when you go on a date? Same brand, same model…kekeke September 23 - Hyeongseop meets Key for his birthday, on the picture there is also their designer friend Andy Kang. Key and HyeongSeop meet friends.

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I like calm music based on a electronic sound. Book, music, movie, if you were to choose one out of these three? Do you want to get married?

So what kind of man are you?

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I kept a lookout while my friend took coins out of a car. I guess "unconventional" would fit in this context] side somehow. He clenched his teeth and created this body in order to develop his small frame and become a model.

Click here July 5: Oh yeah January Key and Hyeongseop first public appearance together in front of the media and press. It's unknown why Key suddenly uploaded it after a month, and why the sudden shift to be public about KeySeop again.

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Key texts HyeongSeop and they talk about having a meal together. When it comes to music, there are many things that I can decide. It seems that funky music would suit you better than classical or slow music. My mind and my taste often change every now and then.

They deleted them since. A woman with a brain is sexy.

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Which one would you choose between alcohol, cigarettes and women? Key and HyeongSeop meet with friends at Mamamia restaurant. Then, as we keep seeing each other, I find out about her personality and what she likes.