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Depending on how many cards you gave to the correct persons, he will give you an amount of money. Keeping the money will result in the confiscation of the inspector's savings.

Do you remember How the allies were sending people back to gas chamber? The back of the card reads "Corman Drex.

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If this happens, you could be reprimanded about your work. A poisoned entrant vomits blood before collapsing. In any case, let him in to finish this task. Give her a green stamp and she will give you the token before leaving.

Papers Please

If the player has completed three EZIC tasks or fewer, the Order will attack both the wall and the inspector's booth. After giving him his things back, he will give you four business cards and ask that you give them to engineers.

The end of day hook up 2 amps together display the text "A fine has been assessed for unofficial wall hangings. You're all up to date!

...and it looks really good.

If you do not let Stepheni in, the game will end and you will have to start from a save. The first name is "Mikhail Saratov". Being notified about unofficial decor may lead to ending 11 on day His wife will come in next but she will not have her entry permit.

She will then give you the token. Day 23 A man in red will appear on Day Point this out to her and she will beg you to let her in.

The day story mode narrative is full of dark and tragic events that paint a bleak portrait of people fighting to survive in a tumultuous dictatorship. Wanted criminals must not enter not in the rulebookbut is introduced in the official bulletin NEW: He will inform you that a man named "Khaled Istom" will be entering the booth.

Day 12 Ministry of Information Investigator M. Added Linux support Added language selection for English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese BRJapanese, and Russian Added a software rendering mode to improve compatibility Added a basic save backup system Lots of small, medium, and large bug fixes Removed more inappropriate immigrant names This will never get old 1.

If no one is poisoned and Khaled Istom leaves the checkpoint before 6pm, the day papers please 420 dating still end prematurely if a procedurally generated smuggler appears, is approved for entry, and commits suicide bombing. Vonel appears and asks the inspector for anything related to EZIC.

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Before you give them to him, hand him the decoder you received from the EZIC messenger. Day 14 Stepheni Graire will appear on Day 14, so be ready. If Istom's passport is poisoned and his entry denied, he and nearby entrants waiting in the line will die of poison.

The inspector will receive a citation, as Marie does not have a valid ID card. One of the things that you have to keep in mind with the game is that you have to make money to support your family.

Don't Miss Anything

It does not matter if you deny them or not. You will get a citation. It looks like a game from the s with regards to images and pixelation, but it's fun to play if you're looking for something that requires you to use your mind.

The laws related to immigration change with each level, so you have to keep track of what to look for so that you can properly complete the paperwork required.

The day ends immediately when the inspector poisons someone and then denies or allows their entry. This will not affect gameplay or headlines and won't kill the targeted entrant even if their passport is returned before the guards pick them up. He will leave you a packet of poison to kill Khaled.

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Controlling a border checkpoint inspector, players must make decisions that determine the fates of NPCs and the inspector alike. If you lose money, then it means that you can't provide food or shelter for your family, and they will likely have something to say about the issue.

No password is necessary to unlock the build so leave that field blank.

Papers, Please - Update

The day will end afterwards. Previewing the next update on Steam Preview builds are not well tested and may not run correctly. Carefully check each person that comes in from this point on. They will also try a few sneaky tactics that will mean multi-tasking in order to get your job completed.

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The inspector has the opportunity to escape to Obristan on Day Because Stepheni has invalid paperwork, completing this task will earn the inspector a citation.

Day 20 can end in five ways: Lining these items up in the proper positions will reveal two names: Completing the task will also prevent getting ending This money is automatically accepted; players who do not wish to accept the EZIC gift must uncheck it on the budget screen at the end of the day, which will cause the inspector to burn the cash.

This is the agent.

Papers,Please freeze time cheat table

You will need to do a few runs to get the different endings, however, the game makes a save at the end of each day so you can revert to past days to save some time. He also takes note of any unofficial decor i.

It only makes the day end prematurely, preventing the completion of the poison-related EZIC task see below. The game is easy to navigate with controls that you can get used to after playing the game for a short time.

If his passport is poisoned and he is allowed to enter, he and a guard who checks up on him never Sergiu will both die outside the booth.

I can't offer any promises about correct behavior so please play the preview builds at your own risk! If you gave all four to engineers, he will give you a decent amount of money and the token.

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Wrong place of birth, wrong papers, wrong accent "Your presence here is unacceptable accident" They turn backs on them, puppetry level's excellent They're spitting lies in their eyes and never hesitate You know what I'm saying, it's time to spare your prayers They look the other way for terrorists, smugglers and slavers But if you're running for your life, trying to escape the slaughter They'll let your wife die and feast on your sons and daughters Poison the water, the feast of legalized murder Their lies about human rights don't cost a quarter They bomb your home, let the beast roam, close the border And feed the world another tale by double-tongued reporter Forward to the past, can I ask?

On the day after the inspector turns over the card to Corman, the EZIC messenger appears to give the inspector a decoder to use with Corman's cipher.

When you PLAY the game now, it should download, install, and run the preview release. The third entrant including the M. He will say the next person is his wife and to treat her nice.

People will cross the border at faster rates of speed as you advance in the game.