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Also, Vasu is very depressed after the breakup, and soon his friends decide that the only way they can see their friend happy is to patch him up with his lady love, and they plot many master plans to stop the wedding, and finally the wedding is stopped.

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Like, a friend asks wanna have something to eat and he opens his mouth; as the friends try to break the marriage everything blasts in the house and still everyone survives it and reach the hall with torn dresses; Friend asks searching for keys?? But when he acts like committing suicide they act as if they accept susan anyango dating a politician who is running love but secretly plan to irritate Deepika and break their love.

Hero Vaibhav does a superb job and is quite hilarious in his role. But what keeps you going is the interesting screenplay and the innocent pranks of the young men.

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The situations are mostly unconvincing, the jokes are jaded pandavullo okkadu online dating the story mostly meanders along without any distinct aim or direction. Now download videos in all formats from Pandavullo okkadu online dating using GenYoutube video downloader.

Dialogues by Seshu are pretty average. Sonam does a decent job, she is slim and gets noticed and Vaibhav slips into his role effortlessly as a man torn between his friends and lover. Interesting first half and some youthful elements will connect with the youngsters well. Plot[ edit ] The story starts with Vasu Vaibhav narrating his story from childhood.

The choice is yours. This kind of jokes are available in every other scene in the second half. They make an infantile avowal that they shouldn't marry as it hookupagency net their friendship or they all can marry the same girl as in mythos.

The director, in the first 15 minutes, succeeds in capturing the attention of the audience with the hilarious commentary by Seshu; no flashback or childhood episode has been so entertaining as this in recent times. Meanwhile, his friends come to know about his love affair and threaten him to break up with her.

Interesting aspect is that maverick director Maruthi is presenting this film for Telugu audience. All in all, Pandavullo Okkadu may not be appealing for the spotting viewer but it could be hunky-dory in parts if you are not there to delve deep into its virtues.

He has four close friends KarunakaranArjunanVenkat SundarKarthik Priyadarshan and they hero worship Seenu Anna Robo Shankar for his dedication to friendship and one day he advises to them that marriage will spoil friendship and all the friends take this seriously, except for Vasu, who always has a liking for girls, and he is forced to promise not to marry lifelong along with his friends.

First half of the film is okay. It is a different story that Gayatri grows up to marry of one of these boys later in life. Deepika gets annoyed by their behavior and soon they manage to create a rift between both and the duo get separated. Then he raises his nostrils So he betrays his friends and lands in Chennai.

Pandavullo okkadu

Like increasing the marks in the result papers; In the college episode whenever Vaibav tries to flirt with gals the friends try to block; The way Nelson teaches his flirting tantrums'; And the way Friends try to stop a marriage.

Now you can download songs, movies, episodes, trailers, clips or any Youtube video without visitng the Youtube site with hassle free controls and beautiful responsive UI. After failing many attempts of falling in love at school and college his friends spread rumor that Vasu is gayVasu decides to leave to Chennai so that he would get an opportunity to love a girl.

But next day when he visits her home she is unable to recall about him since she was drunk the previous night and rejects his love advances.

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Leave your intellect at home, relax and enjoy this innocent and funny movie. Deepika gets depressed and decides to marry a family friend Steeve Vatz who keeps proposing her from the beginning. Songs are decent but come as speed breakers in the film. But one of them, the hero, shows an interest in his classmate Gayatri.

Once in a while, his Tamil films are dubbed into Telugu. The latest one to be dubbed here is Kappal.

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Story Movie kickoffs with the line - "Oka Manchi friendship ki ye karanam undadu". The boys who are thick friends take a leaf out of Mahabharat and like the five Pandava brothers offer roses to Gayatri and propose to her. So enjoy downloading videos from Youtube using GenYoutube and showcase, watch and listen to the ocean of never ending digital video download stream.

During a visit to pub, arrives Deepika Sonam Bajwa in Audi car but with a male friend who collapses due to over drinking. Senseless Comedy in the 2nd half Bottom Line: Go for this fun ride. The conflict point in the film is diluted with just one simple scene which also lacks seriousness.

Star Performance All the actors were just ordinary and there is nothing notable to be brought to the fore for appreciation. Using it you can search the videos also and can play them too before downloading.

The background score is adequate. A dubbed release always has critics panning it for having a heavy Tamil flavour; this one has nothing of that sort.

What Is Good

The central point had potential but the execution isn't upto the mark. All her scenes with Vaibhav are interesting and have been executed well.

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Titled Pandavullo Okadu, this film has hit the screens today. The upset group then decides to separate the couple and start plotting for the same. Not that the jokes are fresh or extraordinary, the cast is perfect and the way they bring out the situational humour makes you sit through the second half of the film.

This actor has been underrated though time and again he has proved his skill as an artiste and for some unknown reason has settled down in Tamil cinema.

They decide to split the couple and finally give an ultimatum to Vasu to choose between friendship and a woman. The chemistry between the lead pair is good.

Certain scenes during the second half look over the top and silly. VTV Ganesh is fun in parts as love guru.

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They decide that day that women are cause for doom and take a vow never to marry. He is okay with his comedy timing and histrionics. This is a kind of film which is predictable in nature and does not have any of those mesmerizing scenes.

Coming to the director Karthik, he has done a decent job with the entertainment part but stretches the film way too long.

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One fine day, he lies to his friends and shifts to the city in search of love. Vasu also keeps in touch with his friends forever.

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GenYoutube is based on super fast script which can handle a number of downloads simultaneously. They create a lot of misunderstandings and finally the three men too show an inclination towards marriage.

In Pandavullo Okkadu things move ahead in a pretty ordinary way, with a lazy script by Karthik G Krish and far from impressive performances by the entire cast.

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Lack of known faces will surely go against the reach of the film. Also he hands over the pub membership card to Vasu so that he can get to see many rich girls.

He stays with Nelson VTV Ganesh who has affair with many rich and beautiful girls and he persuades him to trap a rich girl citing that middle class and college girls will have bigger competition and high expectations but super rich girls have a very less expectations and many guys do not try to date them assuming its impossible to woo them.

Screenplay is just about ok as some boring and unnecessary scenes are invoked into the proceedings once in a while. It could have a bit more entertaining for sure, if the duration was lesser by 20 odd minutes.