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Giving a nice greeting to a male study overprotective dad dating after mothers death of the protagonist's daughter seems to cause him physical pain. John Ritter's 8 Simple Rules was also based on this concept, particularly a very funny list from such a father.

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The Clockwork King isn't Penelope Yin's real father, but he seems to think he is: At the end of the episode it is commented on his self-restraint not making any threats while they are making out in public. And don't even get us started on his reaction when Rahzel told him all the stuff Baroqueheat got up to While teaching her to fend for herself, he was secretly following her to make sure nothing happened.

The nerd eventually wins overprotective dad dating after mothers death Bartlet, of course. However, Rolf may very well have done so because of the Captain's former treatment, and couldn't find it in himself to forgive the old man.

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The Overprotective Dad in this case is a Cowled Wizard who has forbidden his daughter from marrying her boyfriend since he doesn't think the young man is up to the task of protecting her.

The other is a politician whose reaction to his daughter running away from home is to hire Umibozu a known killer to take her back home and murder her boyfriend. Ares eventually relents, but warns Fury that, should the boy get killed, it's quite likely that Zeus will still act like an Overprotective Granddad and act accordingly, even if Ares is more understanding.

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Did that show and basically other forms of media pretty much go overboard and dramatize it so much? Bill's physical threats were intended to protect Hoyt in case Jessica's love lust turned to blood lust.

Despite his fears, Fred and Edna Danvers resign themselves to the fact their daughter is dating someone they don't approve of Superman got into a fact with Dev, nonetheless.

Aki's father in Silver Spoon is less than happy when Yugo gets a bit too close to his daughter. When satinkleid bodyflirt chiffon walks in on them being Also used in several Christian martyrologies, where several martyr girls are locked away by their fathers since daddies don't want them to become Christians which equals to them being traitors to the Empireand often they kill their girls or turn them to authorities when they defy their orders.

Susanoo wasn't too happy about that. Chel's dad in Alien Dice is still overprotective even though his daughter is college age. He quickly jumps to conclusions that she's found a "suitor" even when none exists though Link can fill that role if need beand perhaps more cruelly, he's happy when Peatrice is upset, as he figures that means she broke up with whoever the boy was.

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Kogoro Mouri lives and breathes this trope. Brandon, tell Harry that if he fools around with my daughter, I will kill him.

10 Hilariously Overprotective Dads Looking Out For Their Daughters

Although not her biological nor step-father, Jay Garrick is this way to Stargirl, especially with adult supers or Captain Marvel trying to date her. Now here I am, wondering The implication being that he was holding the gun through the duration of the speech.

Saint Barbara and Saint Christina. Well, in Bothari's case, he is a former rapist and she herself is the product of him raping a prisoner-of-war.

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Gender Flipped in Ultimate Spider-Woman: Chau goes home and tells his daughter he's OK with her seeing a white guy. They're not still virgins tomorrow, I'll hunt you down like dogs. It was a firecracker on the shelf. He could be that way with Hilary as well such as the episode when she was going to pose for Playboy.

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After she goes too far, Lynda admits to Wendy that Dipper and Mabel were born two months early, which left them in a critical conditionand still fears she could lose them.

But a while back or so, I watched two episodes of the Disney show "Good Luck Charlie" and it came to my attention again. In Astro CityDuncan Keller's first reaction to learning that his daughter is not only training as one of the new Starfighters with four others, but one of those four, a human young man, is romantically interested in her.

Just for the week. All through the first season it was played with, as his being protecting her from the law he is in the business of "law enforcement" after all.

10 Hilariously Overprotective Dads Looking Out For Their Daughters

I know because I'll kill you. Houseman from Dirty Dancing is still pretty damn strict. Keeping her by his side as he travelled the world battling evil, fine.

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At the end of the film, he seems to have mellowed a little and even shows up at Duncan's school to tell him he's ok with them dating and has accepted that his daughter is just a regular teenager. He claims he won't tell his daughter that she has a vagina until she's In the face of prophecies about superpowerful grandsons, the grandfathers of many ancient heroes, like Perseus and Gilgameshweren't above locking their daughters in an Evil Tower of Ominousness to prevent them from getting pregnant.

When he catches his wife Cheating with the Milkmanhe shoots them both to death. Cotter has a bit where he talks about the Double Standardsaying that if he had a teenage son who came home late from a date with a girl, he'd still punish him and lecture him for it, but secretly he'd be proud of him, and the next day he would brag to all his friends that his kid got laid.

They will also realize this means the Ring Soul you usually talk to is no more than ten years old. Okuninushi fell in love with Suseri-hime, daughter of storm god Susanoo.

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During the Family gathering party, Bear is not fond of seeing Harry going to the dessert table together with Sherry. When she and main character Asahi came to her house for vacation, her father starts eying him out of suspicion.

Discussed in Supergirl story Hellsister Trilogy when Kara wants her boyfriend Dev-Em to meet her adoptive parents, and Dev argues her birth or adoptive parents will murder him. This event was the reason he decided to bring all turians under his rules.

City Hunter has a couple examples: