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Ash runs after Oshawott, as Przybysz z kosmosu online dating is frustrated that both of them left in the middle of the battle.

Stephan says that he has other things to do, as Cilan suggests that they start the battle over from scratch tomorrow.

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Oshawott oshawotts lost scalchop online dating over after being electrocuted, as Cilan is very upset that his cloche has been burnt to a black color after he polished it with a lot of care.

With an annoyed look on his face, Ash says to them to stop eating and be serious. Ash is pleased the shield worked, but Oshawott falls down, as the shield is too heavy for him. Oshawott isn't sure about it, as Ash asks him if he wants oshawotts lost scalchop online dating try and use to block Pikachu's Thunderbolt.

Scalchop and seamitar

Oshawott's shell is blown away, so Oshawott runs off to find it. Oshawott falls down after being electrocuted. Ash tells Oshawott that it is time for them to do some special training, and that he'll manage to use the shield as well as his scalchop.

Cilan sends Dwebble, who carves out a big shell from a rock, making a new shield for Oshawott.

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Ash tells Oshawott that they should search for it together, as Oshawott is very happy about that. Stephan gets off of the bike, and wonders if it is time already.

During BiancaBlackand Cheren 's Striaton Gym battle, Oshawott threw its water-soaked scalchop at Chili 's Pansear like a boomerang, defeating it.

They walk down the pathway, as they see a tent, Blitzle, and Stephan bicycling on some sort of a machine with electric rods on top of it.

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Iris tells Cilan to just polish it again and stop being upset over it. It is implied that if a scalchop is lost, then it can't be replaced[citation needed], but it can be repaired if broken. Cilan says that it looks a lot like a scalchop.

Pikachu uses Thunderbolt again and Oshawott holds up the cloche to block it, but he is immediately electrocuted by the attack. Oshawott puts it on his chest, pleasing him, but falls down, asleep. Cilan comments that Stephan is very late, even though he said that he was camping nearby.

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However, during the battle, Ash had to postpone the battle since Oshawott lost its scalchop. After a while, Pikachu uses Thunderbolt on Oshawott, who rolls away after being hit. Cilan lends Oshawott his cloche to use next. Oshawott dodges Blitzle's Shock Wave and tackles it several times.

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Oshawott looks sad that they haven't found his scalchop yet, as Ash tells him to cheer up and that they should continue looking for the scalchop together. Iris tells Ash that metal conducts electricity. Stephan agrees to start the battle over for the next morning, and says that he'll be camping nearby.

Oshawott notices that the shield is as big as himself.

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Oshawott loses his balance for a bit, as Iris wonders if he will be okay. Blitzle uses Shock Wave at full power, as Cilan comments that it is much more powerful than the last one. Ash tells Oshawott that he can do it if he tries, as Oshawott sleeps while holding onto his Scalchop and rubbing it.

Blitzle starts with Shock Wave, though Oshawott uses the stone shell to deflect the attack. Oshawott's Aqua Jet clashes with Blitzle's Flame Charge and both are blown away after crashing into a rock.

Pokémon (S14E28)

Blitzle looks fully prepared for the rematch, as Stephan says that his power is now perfect. However, the latter goes in a different direction and bashes into a rock. Will they ever find it again?

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Stephan said that he was planning to go after he finished the injection, but they saved him the trouble of having to go to them. Cilan is terrified, for the dish is ruined. After that Pikachu guides them, as Ash does regular push-ups and Oshawott does push-ups while the large Shell is on his back.

Ash asks to help Oshawott to make a new shield. As Oshawott finally wakes up, Ash tells Iris not to say those words since Oshawott's scalchop is his most prized possession aside from his life.

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Oshawott holds the large shell on his back and Ash holds a large rock on his back as they walk around with them. Cilan points out that scalchop is part of Oshawott, so it does not mean they are surrendering. Oshawott frantically goes after his scalchop, as Stephan asks Ash if it is a forfeit.

Stephan tells Blitzle to follow Oshawott.

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Blake's Dewott uses its scalchops in a variety of ways in battle. Iris says that at the rate it's going, Blitzle will catch up to Oshawott eventually.

He picks it up only to find that it is a bottle cap, as he throws it on the ground and looks very sad. Ash recalls that Cilan said that the best defense is a good offense.

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They both collide into each other fully, and hit a large boulder head on. Stephan says that Ash is strong, but he will become even stronger, and that when that time comes he wants to battle Ash again.

The seamitar is heavily inspired by the Japanese swords known as katana. Ash offers more special training to Oshawott, who accepts. Cilan thinks the best defense is a good offense, so Ash sees he needs to train Oshawott to use that shield. During the night, Oshawott dreams his scalchop got lost and he got hit by Blitzle's Shock Wave.

Later, it was used to fight against N's Zekrom.