Banned after playing WoW 10 years? Banned after playing WoW 10 years?

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I'm an avid WoW player and University student from the UK who lives in 2 locations throughout the year.

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Find out they believe I didn't get my cutting edge achievment and someone else on my account did. Well again, according the the guy on the phone, this superior has 0 power to make a decision on my wrongful ban let alone uphold it.

The only thing that matters is that doing things like this are against our rules.

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Also disgusting to see countless people interrupt botting, fly hacking, battleground botting right now as I type this who will probably never be banned like I was. Last night I was wrongfully banned for infractions on my account that are simply false, this post is the process of me appealing and attempting to rectify the situation.

But now he faces his greatest challenge of all.

A wave of six-month bans has hit World of Warcraft cheats | PCGamesN

I wouldnt say I'm a bad player at all and I certainly wouldn't try to argue im top tier either, but I've killed Mythic Argus 5 times after this with another guild and done a fairly reasonable job on each pull both mechanically and DPS wise.

I seriously applaud you for your efforts OP.

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She played with Paradigm for a few years before taking a break for school, and when she came back around a year later, the guild had transferred servers, so Flynn jumped around through guilds.

If anyone else attends University away from home but plays the game at both locations, please be careful as what happened to me could happen to you as well and nobody wants to lose their cutting edge that a lot of us worked so hard to achieve. I feel completely wronged and betrayed by my favorite game developers of all time.

Anyone wanting to perform a DPR to get some info that Blizzard have about you visit this link here. In the past blizzard has never permanently banned for account sharing without warning.

Why do WoW Bans come in Waves?

The affected regions include North America as well as Europe, and it's unclear if more bans will be dealt in the near future. By having a bot complete these tasks, players can devote more time to more fun in-game activities. Hunter 1 Comments Probably, with preferences and website about music.

So why am I banned? Short version, I was away on a trip, left my PC at home, didn't touch It, didn't do anything with It, obviously I was In another country after all.

"We are sorry for all your lost WOW Accounts."

They have taken to social media to voice their dissatisfaction. Very confused that account sharing led to a permanent ban. My logs are here and hopefully it shows I'm a fairly capable mythic raider.

Making my case took about 25 minutes and after a while I asked to speak to their supervisor due to getting nowhere and after a while he got back to me saying his supervisor had looked and no changes would be made to my suspension. Dating for wow players name is Cernunnos, I will love you like no other, I have died a thousand deaths, each time I died I thought of you.

They just don't care, but they should, cause veteran players are worth casual ones especially now, especially In Legion where casuals come and go.

Many different WoW players have been banned due to botting

According to the studio, lots of people were using third-party programs, either bots or other automation tools, in order to make things easier and skip certain situations. In other words, these characters were earning in-game rewards while the player wasn't even controlling them. Honorbuddy's website says that overusers have registered to date.

Alex had the following to say on Twitter: Ask yourself if you have ever account shared before.

Why World Of Warcraft Banned Over 100,000 Players This Week

Blizzard bans a huge number of WoW players Unfortunately for some, it seems that the number has just taken a nosedive of around , as Blizzard confirms that it's banned a huge number of players in World of Warcraft who employed bots and tools to help them gain an advantage over others or play the game without any actual human involvement.

That being said, ever since one of the most popular WoW third party software, Honorbuddy bothas been shut downthere was quite a drought of WoW ban waves, and overall, very few people that were lately getting banned from WoW.

They claimed that I was commiting harassment on the account, despite me being away from the country, that proven by flight tickets, hotel reservations via Expedia and the fact I haven't logged onto Battle.

After being both angry and confused I got onto live chat with a GM to have a chance to discuss with them getting this overturned as it's simply a false strike.

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More so, banning in waves also has a much more efficient impact on the community as well, for both its users and the regular players. This is a pity. The game's various goals require more time than many players have or are willing to spend. Now, obviously the harassments were done by the hacker, but on their side they see no evidence of a hacker, so for 2 years 4 months I'm arguing back and fourth via tickets mostly, basically their short story Is they see no evidence of a hacker, therefore I am responsible, the end.

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Due to me killing mythic argus 5 more times after I achieved my CE I can only presume the system thinks that earning my original kill at another location means I had someone else do that kill, then every valid kill was after?

World of Warcraft has been around for over 10 years now, and while the massively multiplayer online role-playing game doesn't command the same following as in its glory days, over 7. See the post i made here Some Background.