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Do you hear a little hiss from the speakers? I am pretty sur that the speaker setup is correct because all of the speaker cables are connected to their corresponding inputs in the back of the amp. I need to know what cables you used so I can tell you what the settings should be.

So you did the reset? I'm actually working a festival this weekend doing lights and sound, but I will be back on Tuesday.

I'd like to reward your patience but I don't want you to spend the next two days on this, unless you really don't mind.

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Onkyo ht-r520 hookup it as something I missed but the unit worked fine until the other day. I don't remember any test tones even when I first got and installed it. I'll most likely check my messages every night through the weekend. Bbc life in the undergrowth online dating typing is not so bad, one finger and one hand.

I did the reset, I went through pages 31 and 32 of the manual and set all input sources to the recommended Digital Input on that page but still nothing.

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Thanks again for your time and effort. Then, since you do not have HDMI or optical, set all of the inputs to analog. I want to thank you for patience and assistance. Try disconnecting all of the components and try the radio.

Tell me what type of cables are used to hook everything up. I don't really understand onkyo ht-r520 hookup you mean by input setup. Get well, I'll hear from you when you're strong again. Let me direct you to the input setup.


Perform the reset again. I don't mind, I like to help people fix their electronics. The reset set all of your speaker settings and input settings back to factory default.

When you power it back on, immediately set all inputs to Analog and check the tuner, see if you get sound or static. I don't think you can wait that long so I'd like for you to get paid for your efforts. Turn the volume down. Home Theater-Stereo Satisfied Customers: I'll do this on the weekend with the help of my son.

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You may need to put your ear near one of the speakers to hear the hiss. Rest your shoulder, I know the pain, I've been there. I'm about ready to scrap it because I don't think I can afford a repair shop fee. Hopefully we'll get to the bottom of this. If you don't hear from me, that's why, but I promise I will get back to you.

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There are 2 types of signal, digital and analog. There are 3 different types of digital input. It's what I do. There are many more defects that can occur, and I can help you troubleshoot to the issue keeping your sound off. If that's all we can do then just acknowledge and I'll leave the necessary feedback and comments.

Best regards, Frank Technician: I really think we're spinning our wheels here.

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If there is nothing else that you can suggest I'll just wait til the weekend and take everything all cable connections apart and try again keeping your suggestions in mind. Over 20 years electronics and sound equipment experience. If you hear the faint hiss, unplug all components, and the tuner still doesn't work, you're going to need to have it repaired.

Coax, HDMI and optical. Since the FM doesn't work, it's telling me that there is a break in connection either from your input board to your amp most likelyor some anomaly in the amp circuit.

I'm surprised you're even typing!

ONKYO ht-r520

I may be able to work around this. That page did not have the right answers. Turn the volume up on your receiver, almost all the way. I'll be available for follow up questions. Did you run the initial setup with the test tones?

Let my expertise help solve your technical problems.

Onkyo HT-R520 Service Manual

It's like hooking it up for the first time. Tell me if you get sound from that input. What else can I possibly do?

Do this last test. It gives you setup instructions. As for the settings I went by what was printed in the little illustration box on Pg Please reply back to me if you wish my assistance.

ONKYO ht-r520

If there is a hiss, your amp is good, and it's a connection from your input board to your amp. That would drive me nuts to the point I'd turn off the computer.

If you look at my profile, you'll see I've been doing exactly this, for the last 35 years. This will eliminate the possibility of one of your components preventing the receiver from functioning properly. I see that they edited out my e-mail address so I guess you may never know the end of the story.

From what I read so far, with 2 clicks, the amplifiers, 5. That's a big problem, since the amp relies on signal.