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If you lose your card, call But remember, a lost card is just like cash. No, there are no refunds.

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As ofcertain routes have been changed, and the bus stops have been labelled with extra information. It also validates all ride passes used on fixed routes.

Deccan Odyssey Tariff 2018 - 2019

The paint scheme is blue, with a green bottom. View participating Albertsons and Vons locations. How should I ask to use Compass Cash when requesting my fare from the bus driver? Each time you tap on Trolley validators, or on the bus fare box for a one-way ticket, the value of that one-way fare will be deducted from your Compass Cash balance.

Why was there a black line through the Compass Card image on the ticket machine when I tried to purchase a fare product with Compass Cash? To purchase a fare, first add more Compass Cash to your card.

Will a fare be deducted twice?

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Does Compass Cash expire? Development of the transit center is contingent on receiving government funding for the project. Other outlets are not able to sell Compass Cash. It can take up to 48 hours odyssey validating fare box bus value loaded by the Service Center to lidewij mahler flirt available on the card.

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No refunds will be issued. It can take up to 48 hours for value loaded online to be available on the card. You can use your Compass Cash to ride within 30 days of purchase to download your Compass Cash.

A new one-way fare must be purchased when transferring to another bus or rail route. Participating Albertsons and Vons grocery stores Note: If you are taking multiple one-way trips, a Day Pass may be the best value and should be purchased on the first trip before tapping, the bus driver should be notified that you would like to purchase a Day Pass.

Tap your Compass Card on the station validator and the appropriate one-way fare will be deducted. There are several features of the Odyssey machines that GET are not currently using, but could be implemented in the future.

Tapping more than once on the same trip before boarding the train will result in additional deductions.

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Compass Cash that is purchased online or over the phone through the Compass Service Center must be downloaded to the Compass Card within 30 days or it will expire.

Only valid on bus routes where the route number doesn't begin with "9".

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Valid from June through August. When you tap off, the system refunds the appropriate amount based on the length of your trip. These range from sedans, to pickup trucks, to small flat bed trucks.

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The appropriate one-way fare will be deducted depending on the number of zones you travel. How much dollar value can I put on a Compass Card? You should load additional Compass Cash at the ticket machines or purchase a fare with another method of payment. If you are ordering a new card with a pass product or cash value, the card will arrive in the mail with the product loaded or cash value and ready for use.

The standard buses have a seat capacity, and a low floor design to assist with handicapped passengers.

Proof of Payment and Transfers

Reduced fare Compass Cards can only be purchased with a pass or Compass Cash. There are no refunds. Tap the Compass Card. Only if you have registered and created an online billing account at compasscard.

These vehicles are generally numbered between 1 and Before tapping, tell the bus driver that you want to use Compass Cash to purchase a Day Pass.

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If you do not notify the bus driver, a one-way fare will be automatically deducted. Compass Cloud is the mobile ticketing app that lets you purchase and store fares on your smart phone. Compass Cash is only available at Albertsons and Vons retail outlets. Participating Albertsons and Vons grocery stores.