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Yes, that was redundant of me, but it bears repeating. I mean, I guess that's where the sequel picks up, with Amaia planning to marry another man, after her relationship with Rafa, apparently, didn't work out. It's not like it's great shakes, but it is definitely serviceable for this story and these characters.

Thematically speaking, though, it's pretty much the same.

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The events of the movie are a little too sitcom-y for me though. It's very easy to watch, you definitely don't need one bit of your brain to enjoy this. I'm tao of dating blog male that sequel gives us more of why Rafa and Amaia should be together, if that's the route the film decides to take at least.

I don't wanna say that you've seen it done better, even though you probably have, it's just that I've seen so many of these big romantic gestures in comedy and, honestly, they don't even register with me one way or the other anymore.

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Though, if I'm being fair, the movie does a fairly solid job at making the film watchable for those who may not be familiar about this feud and why exactly it takes place.

There's nothing that's really new about this. Dani Rovira and Clara Lago have good chemistry together, though I never really bought into the two of them being meant for each other. Given that the characters are already established, you don't have to waste the time dealing with the more antagonistic aspects of the relationship as this film did and, maybe, focus on why these two are meant to be together forever.

Ah, light and fluffy rom-coms, how you never really truly change, even if you're being made in a country that has some really clever non-PG13 insults.

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Here's to hoping the sequel which I'm watching tonight gives us what this one was lacking. So the comedy is mostly centered around Rafa trying to pretend someone that he's clearly not. Rafa and Amaia break-up, you get a few down moments before one of them makes a big, romantic gesture at the end of the film.

That's really not relevant, so let's move on, shall we? The only thing that's 'new' is the fact that it focuses on a different group that one our leads clashes with and the jokes are tailored to that.

But, honestly, I still do think they get some mileage out of it, even if you're unable to understand the finer points and details about the relationship, or lack thereof, between both groups. He goes to Basque territory because he feels he's in love with this woman whom he, literally, just had a one-night stand with.

You have certainly seen it before. And it's not the fact that the regional humor didn't click with me, because, like I said, I enjoyed my time with this even if I wouldn't go so far as to call this a good movieI just feel that it became pretty much every rom-com you've ever seen.

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This being a rom-com, I'm certain that it oversimplifies the issues that exist between the Basque and the rest of Spain. Speaking honestly, I don't think I've seen many movies from Spain that I've disliked.

You're gonna need an extensive and detailed documentary dealing with this in order to understand what's going on and why things are the way they are. Rafa ends up going to Basque territory, since Amaia left her belongings behind at his place.

It's the typical fish-out-of-water, culture clash movie that you've seen before. I don't really have much else to say about this, it's a light and enjoyable movie, but it's missing something that would have pushed it to a higher level.

And, again, I'm certain that a lot of the humor is predicated on the fact that you will know or be able to relate to the humor, since you are from that particular region. Well, I mean, I was able, but I was dead tired, so I just went to sleep the moment the power came back.

A little bit delusional, but let's go with it.

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Honestly, I felt that this was missing a little something. Koldo finds out that Amaia is getting married and, you guessed it, she needs Rafa in order to keep up the charade for a few days. I'm not suggesting this is the best comedy you'll see all year because, again, some of the humor is more regional, but I enjoyed myself in spite of my issues with it.

As far as comedy is concerned, the Spaniards are really very good at what they do and they really do have some great comedic actors. With that said, and this should be obvious given what I started off this review with, I enjoyed watching this movie.

And, realistically, that's probably the main reason that I even watched this movie. He goes there, she wants nothing to do with him, gets thrown in Basque jail and, somehow, becomes the leader of this resistance group that wishes to have independence from Spain.

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Amaia, whose fiance just broke up with her days before their wedding, ends up having a one-night stand with Rafa, who just so happens to be from Seville, which is a big no-no if you're Basque, or if you're Amaia's father at least. Koldo, Amaia's father, gets a call from her that Rafa made when her stuff was at his place and he comes back, hopeful that he'll reconnect with his daughter after 6 years of not speaking to each other.

While I never felt that this would have been a bad movie, and it really wasn't, I felt that it being so centered on the Basque vs Spain feud, with stereotypes being thrown by both sides, that it would be a movie that I probably wouldn't get into as much as other Spanish movies.

Rafa struggles to impress Koldo and, whenever he can, he tries to escape and go back to Seville, only for Amaia to lure him back.