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She could now see the rich red vessels that were starving one twin and oversupplying the other.

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She glanced back down at the room below to avoid looking at him. The author delivered a powerful, compelling and entertaining read guaranteed to make you realise that after reading this one you will be hooked on her books and waiting in anticipation for the next release.

NYC Angels: Flirting with Danger by Tina Beckett

What had seemed sexy a half-hour ago now seemed unbearably pathetic and sleazy. Only one woman at a time. He kept his voice very even, trying to push past the growing fury in his chest. I meant that whatever that man said about you is a lie. But when she shows up on his doorstep barefoot and wearing practically nothing how is the poor man suppose to resist.

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She just hoped there were no twists involved in this particular storyline, and that things ran smoothly. Something to do with this whole flirting business. If only she could detach from him as easily. Cade entered the surgical area, where the patient and anesthesiologist were already waiting.

Instant. Rewards. Branded.

Her face burned hotter. It mel bros funciona yahoo dating taken him by surprise at the time, but now he understood. Apr 03, Desere rated it it was amazing Most guys will tell you they have been there done and dusted got the t-shirt, you meet your best friends little sister and in the instant you know as badly as you want her she is off limits.

One short-lived fling after another. If he had been furious at Travis before, that emotion now paled beside what he was currently feeling. Am I a lot like him as well?

NYC Angels Flirting with Danger

She could always go home to Connecticut. A steady stream of warmth seemed to be flowing from that connection, traveling down the length of her arm, settling in her belly.

She checked with the tip of her tongue the damage her teeth had caused. Her fist had balled up tight, ready to deliver the mean right hook her brother had once taught her, before she stopped herself, realizing it would do no good. I am sure you can catch the drift over here they very soon cannot keep their hands of each other and very soon we have a rather tricky situation that can mean more than a world of hurt for them both.

Said he was right about me … that I even looked frigid.

NYC Angels: Flirting with Danger

What had she been thinking to suggest it in the first place? Even for her ex, who—when she emerged from beneath the cocoon of covers, fury spilling from every pore—had allowed his eyes to crawl over her body, a spark of interest finally coming to life in the drunken depths.

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Why had she even bothered to try? The characters of Brad and Chloe were both very unique, Chloe is the one you start to feel sorry for as she has been hurt and you want her to find her way in life again but very soon I was feeling more sorry for Brad as the author revealed to me that the man simply does not know how to love and keeping the key to his heart guarded is all he focuses on.

The train suddenly slowed as it came to its next stop, and she lost her balance for a few frightening seconds, scrabbling to regain her handhold while keeping her coat from coming open.

He wanted to take her home tonight and lay her down on his bed and tease her mouth open.

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They were on the tip of his tongue, fighting to get out. Still, Chloe Jenkins yanked the belt of her beige trench coat tighter, until she was sure it would cut her in two—much like her heart had been.

Do you like him? He has known Chloe for years as his best friends little sister she's hot and tempting but also mainly she is off limits. It just seemed intrusive somehow.

She had her purse and her wallet, thank heavens. The woman he was with did.

See a Problem?

I highly recommend this read for lovers of medical romance related reads and for anyone that has ever had a crush of any kind on anyone that was off limits, Tina Beckett will show you just how hot and dirty fun can turn into the perfect romance. Cade introduced the fetoscope into the opening, feeding it through the hollow tube until he reached the blood vessels in question.

It was almost midnight, and Jason was a couple of hundred miles away. Probably too full of whiskey to care. His fingers tightened their hold. And face her brother? He wanted to say the words.