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The sale process "had a lot of components and mechanics nsa canada liquidating inc it that didn't make a going-concern plan as easy to accomplish as it would have otherwise been," he said.

In addition to the layoffs, it has also lost some of its workforce to attrition over the past few months, said Susan Ursel, a lawyer representing current and former employees.

Sears Canada granted permission to liquidate remaining stores | CTV News

Avery pointed out that Sears, having negotiated its leases long ago and at favourable rates because it was an anchor, paid extremely low rents — amounting to less than 1 per cent of rents for Canadian REITs that have exposure to Sears stores.

Sears timed the liquidation sales so that it could take advantage of the busy holiday shopping season. Vera Asselin, who along with Lyle was in the Toronto courtroom on Friday, was far less optimistic than Hatnay.

Stranzl said in an interview he is moving on to launch an e-commerce and technology startup focused on appliances to try to cash pop pixie da colorware online dating on Sears's departure, given its leading position in that field in Canada.

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But the company said the offer wasn't viable. He said Sears's sale process made it difficult for a bid such as his to succeed because the process had a tight schedule that revolved largely around liquidations. For the same reasons, the liquidators can't distribute leaflets or other written material to shoppers on landlords' property outside of the stores unless permitted by the specific lease.

Sears Canada is liquidating

The court-appointed monitor in the Sears insolvency process said a liquidation would generate higher recoveries for creditors than the Stranzl group's bid. Hatnay declined to comment on the likelihood of an eleventh-hour bid succeeding.

And while insolvent companies often develop a restructuring plan within a creditors nsa canada liquidating inc protection process, his bid was an outside offer that didn't have support from the company — making it tougher to pull off. It was more of a family for me, but it's also an end of an era, for Canada," said the year-old Toronto man.

Details of any potential bids have not been made public as confidential information during the sales process are generally kept secret under the Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act.

It appears that there is not. Turner predicted that Sears would not survive.

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The shutdown of Sears will release 16 million square feet of retail space into the retail real estate market in Canada, two years after Target decamped, leaving properties to fill.

Sears Canada had as many as 17, employees in June.

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Sears Canada currently has 74 full department store locations, eight Sears Home Stores, and 49 Sears Hometown stores, which all face closure. Sears Canada is set to proceed with its proposal to liquidate its remaining roughly stores across the country -- putting another 12, employees out of work -- after getting the green light from Ontario Superior Court on Friday.

Over that time, Lyle says, he got married, had children and watched them graduate by the time he was terminated in June from his role as an in-store marketing manager.

But the chances of that happening are close to nil, lawyers in the process suggest.

Allegations Sears Canada marked up prices before liquidation under investigation

Hometown dealers will be permitted to run their own liquidation sales, though they must conform to the same guidelines as the professional liquidators who have been hired to wind down the other stores. Hernandez pointed out that the major pension funds in Canada that directly or indirectly own retail real estate have shifted their focus over recent years to investing in the larger malls in major markets and have been undertaking renovations and redevelopments to maintain the currency of their Canadian retail properties.

It opened its first bricks-and-mortar location in Stratford a year later. Jeremy Dacks, a lawyer for Sears Canada, told the court Friday the company had remained optimistic and many stakeholders worked "tirelessly around the clock," but ultimately decided liquidation was the best way forward to maximize value for stakeholders.

Technically, a buyer who wants to keep Sears operating could come forward with an offer before Thursday.

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Mall landlords frown on that wording because it can tarnish the image of their shopping centres. Justice Glenn Hainey approved Sears Canada's motion Friday, saying he was satisfied that there was no viable alternative, and extended its creditor protection until January 22 to allow for the liquidation process.

They will need to follow strict rules, such as refraining from using the words "bankruptcy," 'liquidation" or "going out of business" in connection with the sales. Sears Canada sought protection from its creditors in June.

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A bid by Sears Canada executive chairman Brandon Stranzl to continue operating the company as a going concern has not been successful, but a legal window of opportunity has been left open for Sears to accept an offer up until Oct.

Of the remaining 12, employees, 75 per cent of them are part-time; among Sears's stores are 74 department stores, eight home outlets and 49 are Hometown stores. He was let go from his job as an in-store marketing manager at head office on June 22 when the company first sought creditor protection.

Sears's insolvency came after years of declines and red ink at the retailer amid shifting strategies and leaders.

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After paying for costs, proceeds from asset sales will be distributed to creditors around the globe. They are also banned from using giant balloons, flashing lights or amplified sound to advertise the liquidation sales or solicit customers except if permitted under a lease or agreed to by the landlord.

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Story continues below advertisement Read more: It's just a choice that the company and its advisers made," he said.

At its height, Sears Canada employed more than 40, people. Stranzl defended his group's going-concern bid, saying some creditors, such as employees, would get full recoveries while those not part of the ongoing Sears operation — such as some landlords and suppliers -- would get less than in liquidation.