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These are much more historical than his other reviews, as he goes into detail over the background of the artists, describes what the one hit was about and what the performers did after that.

Anything she posts on social media will be completely vapid and usually meme and reference filled, interspersed with jabs at the area she grew up in, as well as Tumblr fangirling, she speaks a lot, but in reality rarely says anything informative or even interesting.

She also regularly visits a therapist, likely for anxiety from liberal marijuana and alcohol abuse for being the most piss poor weak ass fainting feminist on the face of the earth.

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She then began culturally appropriating Freddie Gray resistance techniques by repeatedly slamming her head and feet into the patrol car windows, forcing the officers to shackle her.

You can't sit and talk about Pitbull songs without being kind of goofy. Look at how not racist I am everyone!

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Also, there are rewards! This is what normal non-racist people do right?!?

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And I might liven this up with a bunch of jokes, perhaps by injuring myself in a comical way. Since being a staunch Feminist, only through Rape would Lindsay allow the foul touch of the White Male; likely her secret sexual fetish.

A project fueled by narcissism, where forlorn location shots and exposition by Lindsay is given most of the budget, while interviews with others look like a phone interview inside a comic con hotel room.

Because I don't hate pop music; I love pop music. The setting for Todd's show is to have him in a dark room with just champion refund disabled dating light cast to depict him as a silhouette while sitting at his keyboard.

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Perhaps some other things as I see fit! But in between the silly jokes, I like to think I provide an insightful and witty look into the music most people write off as disposable junk. The relationship ended years later after Lindsay realized she could get him to pay rent, clean her up after her benders and dispose of her bloodied tampons without even needing to use the lure of sex anymore.

She has a severe hatred for Disney and their princess lineup because of her repressed memories of her father rightfully anal rapping her as a child and took her unjustified rage out on fictional characters and other shit no one cares about and are not a big deal.

I do retrospectives at legendarily disastrous albums that ended careers.

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I'm a guy who listens to pop music. That's a fun one! This series is a trip through music history, as seen through the prism of a particular artist who only had one hit before fading from memory.

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Plus I'm planning some exclusives! Todd chose to keep up the gimmick of never showing his face for these events, wearing a Zorro-style mask for all public appearances and videos where he is seen in light; the mask he wears even goes so far to cover his eyes.

So the call went throughout the internets for a "Nostalgia Chick" to which Lindsay responded, along with other competitors. Nathanson and Lindsay Ellis are actually dating off-camera. Todd has also become a running gag with the Nostalgia Chickwhit the Chick supposedly being obsessed with and stalking him.

Since Lindsay had that girl-next-door look and was forced to suppress her real self and write jokes that weren't about the wage gap or manspreading, she ended up becoming quite popular on Channel Awesome, though at one point, she couldn't hold her inner feminist in check any longer and wrote an episode involving a Rapping Rapistwhich she was forced to take down due to complaints.

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Todd also produces a series called "One Hit Wonder," focusing on performers over the years that only had a single hit in their careers.

That Guy with the Glasses Now Channel Awesome [ edit ] Doug and Lindsay on Channel Awesome Lindsay smashed at the after party The Nostalgia Critic had decided he would need a female counterpart to do comedic reviews for movies he found too "girly" and that might make him look sexist.

Did they deserve better? Along with those I do quite a few specials along the way -- Top Tens and Bottom Tens at the end of every year, plus for randomly selected years every so often; reviews of badly received pop-star movie vehicles; vlogs of major musical events like the Grammys; and whatever else passes my fancy.

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Slowly it dawned upon her that she; a cultured and intelligent young girlshould not be trapped in the redneck town she was raised in.

And sinceI've had an Internet video series where I discuss the most overplayed songs on the radio in-depth, under the name Todd in the Shadows. Who came along to replace them? Note the warning coloring on the hair, it tells predators to stay away! Were they any good?