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No love only single girl, the journal of single girl

I am whole and beautiful by myself.

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Then, later, this happened! Stop the comparison game and stop wondering about other people.

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Because this moment was so symbolic for me, I decided to commit as much as I could to memory and share it with everyone who is following my quest for love! I jotted everything down in dramatic form in case anyone wants to reenact my david so comedy dating game with loved ones at home!

Take the mental note, learn the lessonand move on. You can do your own thing. Are you wearing a satchel? Whether I stay single for two more days or two years, I am the same amazing person. Self-love is a continuous journey. Be whole by yourself. It is no love only single girl word that describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others.

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Just give it to me. All of my lifelong interests and accomplishments are part of a year long-con. Take personal days off from doing work and staying busy with life and grab your favorite meal or Starbucks drink and sit and think by yourself.

Sorbo makes his entrance on the Razr. OkCupid is pretty old school, actually. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. All the women are doing that now.

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Single is not synonymous with dependent, weak or desperate, but instead should be compared to being whole and complete. Are you a dancer? Your value is not negated when you are not in a relationship. Oh, of course you are, honey.


Yes, you appear to be a drum circle of one. Be a kick-ass girl. Recover from your past relationships and prepare for the future ones: Go out and flirt. There are no limits to what you can do as a single girl. A couple of weeks.

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Actually, I used to be the high school quarterback. Have drinks with the guy on your hall or spend all night dancing on tables with your girlfriends.

You are still a full person whether you are single or married.

The Only Single Girl In The World

I just assumed with a name like that and legs like that that you were an exotic dancer. Fall in love with yourself and comfortable in your alone time with yourself. Believe in what you have to offer: He should be here any minute. Nope, not a stripper.

Take a moment and reflect. This is a vital step many people skip. How long did you and this guy talk before he asked you out? Think and take time to yourself: You might as well take off, guy. You look like you have a year-old face.

Give me your number. No one is perfect and we all have improvements we could make. When my love life shifts, I try to take the time to look back and analyze exactly what happened so I can learn and grow in my future relationships.

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You better lock it down with her, dude. I think me and this other guy are both aiming for the same prize. Look at the positives of being single: Enjoy it and soak in the time doing your own thing!

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