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A place to share satisfaction. The mall is well equipped for kids, elders, handicapped etc.


Finest and branded shops fill the mall. In the end, Kuttan gets married to his neighbour in Bangalore, a foreigner named Michelle Paris Laxmia European Bharathanatyam dancer who has embraced the culture of Kerala.

The Fun, entertainment and the food services are amazingly welcoming. Kuttan's mom gets to know about the urban Indian culture with her neighbours and after 3 months decides to visit her daughter in Oklahoma, USA. The mall houses many branded shops like Burberry, Rolex, Canali etc. Just seconds after that, Kuttan goes by and talks with her.

K a famous architectural firm in New York.

The mall has good ambience and contains a wide range of shops. The mall is designed by the H. Arjun gets a chance to race on the same day that Serah has to leave for Australia. Phoenix Market City Address: After the meeting, Das is able to let go of his past.

Upon knowing what happened, Divya decides to return to Bangalore and takes up her MBA while staying in the same house as Das.

Top 10 Malls in Bangalore

Connect with local Bangalore men, women which allow you to new malayalam releases in bangalore dating and connect with new individuals online. She gradually wins over a repentant Das and arranges for him to meet Natasha's parents.

In the airport, Kuttan and his mom see Meenakshi, who will be an air hostess in Kuttan's mom's flight to London. The film ends with Divya, Das, Arjun, and Serah breaking into their room and all of them posing for a photo. They became good friends but Arjun is saddened when he learns that Serah is to leave for Australia on a university scholarship.

The mall has a large space in the front that provides dolce flirt ep-26/27/x25 open air for people to enjoy the fresh breath of wind.

Kuttan has to bring his mother to Bangalore, after she convinces him to. Divya forgives him and they get their marital life on track.

This is one of the finest malls in Bangalore and contains a wide range of shops and food courts to outfit the needs of the public. The specialty of the mall is the open courtyard in the front that hosts multiple events like musical concerts, live shows, painting competitions etc.

This mall in Bangalore also host few events on special occasions. We own an app for mobile version available in Google play store. Strangers can write, share, and talk about anything to people who get connected with their personal soul mates.

Justmake use of it, you simply need to enter a nickname and some details. Meenakshi approaches Kuttan and reveals that her relationship with the old boy friend has broken permanently and she will be waiting for his call. It's a crucial visit to your heart.

The overall collection of UB city gives a feel and look of a luxury city. For entertainment and fun there are PVR movies, Bowling etc. Divya has completed her graduation and aspires to do her Master of Business Administration from Indian Institutes of Management but is compelled to get married to workaholic corporate executive Shivadas aka 'Das' Fahadh Faasil because of her parents' astrologer's suggestions.

Divya and Das's personal life keeps falling into despair. Ascendas Park Square Mall Address: Convey your grin to someone special in Bangalore city.

The mall also provides multi-level car parking. Kuttan does the same for his job while Arjun joins a biker gang as a mechanic in the same city. This mall in Bangalore is designed and developed by Ascendas which is the business space solution provider in Asia.

But his dreams are shattered when her ex-boyfriend arrives at her flat and he realizes that she was only trying to get back with him.

You can goahead and chat with Bangalore women and men. One of the best malls in Bangalore, the Mantri Square contains restaurants that serve a plethora of food variants. With Divya, Kuttan, and Das cheering for him, he wins the race. The city is a pool of shopping malls with high-end facilities.

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Meanwhile, as Divya and Das are in the middle of getting a divorce. The mall is in the South-west Bangalore, containing hyper markets, accessories shops, branded collections from wedding to casual and formal wears for all kind of people.

Her only solace is the time she gets to spend with her cousins Aju and Kuttan. The mall contains national as well international brands and is a unique experience for families to visit the international brands.

He asks her not to leave for Australia. Serah forgoes her scholarship to stay with him in Bangalore. After the race, Arjun realizes how important Serah is to him and that meeting her changed his life.

The UB tower is the highest one in Karnataka towering a height of meters accommodating the UB offices. He begins to like her attitude and also follows her. There they are still pulled into despair as Kuttan's father has abandoned his rich family and gone for a permanent pilgrimage, willing all his wealth and its rights to Kuttan and his sister.

Many Bangalore people get bored in homes by doing same old things every day, and they want to come out of boredom,therefore, they do come for free online chat room Bangalore for fun. He breaks off his relationship with her. New Forum Value Mall Address: Royal Meenakshi Mall Address: By choosing to submit, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Top 10 Malls in Bangalore

They date and Kuttan changes from a reserved and shy person to a trendy person to impress her. Make yourself at home and make the most of your stay with us!! Though what he says is not revealed, it is clear that he replied in the negative and he tells his mom to board the flight.

With multiple shopping malls and busy streets, Bangalore is the first choice for any youngster. After an argument one day, Divya, upon inspecting a room in their apartment that Das never lets anyone enter, is shocked to find it filled with photos, knick-knacks and possessions of a strange girl Nithya Menon.

The mall is spread across 2,75,00 sq. The prices are quite reasonable and people can enjoy an affordable shopping experience. Mantri Square Malls Address: Bangalore Central Mall Address: The mall spreads across 16 Lakh sq.