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Following a secret show at the SXSW festival, the band set up a mobile studio and recorded the Texas-informed Radlands record, which was released in April of The album, released in earlywas entirely self-produced in their homemade studio, marking a shift into progressive rock territory, with Harrison citing Pink Floyd and King Crimson as major influences.

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Blaine whose voice had yet to break [5] took lead vocals. They went on to sign to Recordings. Five Tracks EP, recorded soon after Trevedi joined the group, was released on Records inand their first full-length album, Making Dens, was released the following year.

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Henry has said,"I'm just another member, I'm one of five. They would practise in the boat shed built by Henry on land he bought after a hippie commune on Eel Pie Island burnt down.

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The band was initially called the Misery Jets, in honor of the Heathrow-bound jets that habitually roared over their native Eel Pie Island, but they changed their name when Blaine who, again, was very cricket player flirts with reporter amharic version at the time misspelled "misery.

In AprilMystery Jets announced their third studio album, Serotonin. A limited edition 12" was released as well as CD format and digital download.

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The groups created a special fanzine made for the show with entries from all the performers and artwork by the bands. Harrison also announced a new band member, bassist Jack Flanagan, had been officially incorporated into the band in January That whole authority thing served a purpose and when it was done I was glad to relinquish it, because it got in the way of us working properly together.

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The album represented a change in the band's sound, shifting from psychedelic and progressive rock towards more of a pop direction. The two tracks were produced by Erol Alkan and were meant to be part of a ten-inch vinyl acoustic EP, but that idea was scrapped.

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Henry became a second guitarist in the band and they were joined by Kai Fish on bass and Tamara Pearce-Higgins on the organ. Two of the confirmed tracks are "Radlands" and "Sister Everett. They performed at the Reading and Leeds Festivals at the end of August The working title was Luminescence [26] but the name was changed later on.

Serotonin — [ edit ] In JanuaryMystery Jets left their previous contract with Recordings and signed a new deal with Rough Trade Records.

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On 22 Novemberthe Mystery Jets announced that their new album will be released in Aprilwith a tour to follow in May Released inTwenty One peaked at number 42 on the U. Tamara left the band, and Blaine switched from drums to keyboards.


Blaine has said that he wanted this album to be "quintessential Mystery Jets record. Their original name was The Misery Jets, which was taken from an Evening Standard headline Eel Pie Island is under the Heathrow flight path, where planes can be frequently spotted.

The band's third full-length, Serotonin, arrived in In a blog post on the band's official website following the show, Blaine Harrison announced that the band was "deep into the thick of album five sessions", and had completed building their own studio in a former button factory.

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Henry eventually switched from bass to guitar, Kai Fish joined up as the group's bassist, and Blaine switched from drums to keyboards. He found out about the band through his drum teacher. Writing and recording sessions lasted two months, at the end of which the band returned to the UK to play the summer festivals.

The band issued its first proper single, a limited edition 7" of "Zoo Time", on Transgressive Records.

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Throughout the band wrote new songs including "Hand Me Down", "Pink Elephant" and "Undercover Lover", the latter two being renamed "Veiled In Grey" and "Hideaway" and all three being included on their album Twenty One and played more gigs around the world, especially in America where they released their debut album Zootime a collection of tracks from Making Densas well as EPs and singles [16] on 8 May, through Dim Mak Records.

On 8 Junethe band played at the Scottish RockNess music festival which attracted over 35, music lovers - the band's set was broadcast on national UK broadcaster Hitz Radio. History[ edit ] Formation and early demos [ edit ] The band's first line-up consisted of Blaine Harrison on drums, William Rees on guitar and Henry Harrison Blaine's father on bass.

It was also their first outing with new bass player Jack Flanagan.

Mystery Jets - Luminescence

The fifth studio album Curve of the Earth was recorded over a three-year period beginning in K charts, their highest position so far. The second single released from the album was " Two Doors Down ".

Mystery Jets ran a series of illegal parties on Eel Pie Island, attracting large crowds, before being shut down by the police.