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Van Leeuwenhoek discovered bacteria, and it was soon found that however carefully organic matter might be protected by screens, or by being placed in stoppered receptacles, putrefaction set in, and was invariably accompanied by the appearance of myriads of bacteria and other low organisms. History of Purple Labs.

Is it right to put a hold in front? They are the home of myriads of sea-birds and one of the nesting-places of the what are the different stages of dating, or great skua Lestris cataracteswhich used to be fostered by the islanders to keep down the eagles, and the eggs of which are still strictly preserved.

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What does the word Redundant mean? What was the design process for the typeface Myriad Pro? But after a couple of sentences using the past perfect tense, Hemingway lets go of it and moves back to his regular past tense.

The thief returned back to the scene of the crime. Source of Question, Date of Response Las Vegas, Nevada Fri, Nov 8, Grammar's Response I'm sure you wouldn't have to read very far into this article to discover that the story is about the effluent dumped in the seas by cruise ships.

The tempestuous storm raged over sea, blocking the path of the ships. Eban was a member of Myriad, a chamber ensemble formed by members of the Cleveland Orchestra for seven years, and has often traveled to Eastern Europe to perform and teach as a visiting artist of the European Mozart Foundation.

Example sentences with the word redundant. The files contain a myriad of correspondence. The car rattled along, crossing the myriad narrow gauge loco tracks that ran between the factories lining the route.


The following phrases are redundant. Redundant does not mean repetitive. Where can you download myriad font? The first sentence, on the other hand, means that people who normally take responsibility for their deeds which includes most good citizens were punished.

Is it look or blurry? Write a sentence using a simile with the word myriad in it? Could you please make a sentence using the word What are the characteristics of the typeface Myriad Pro?

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Question To form the past perfect tense, we place "had" before the participle of all actions completed in the earlier time frame. If the headline has a problem, though, it's that the reader is apt to be momentarily perplexed by the notion of "cruise-ship dumping.

Verbal might well be confined to those situations in which it is desired to distinguish communication by words from other forms of communication like gestures, smoke signals, and the light that shines from lovers' eyes.

The properties of the most minute portion of matter which we can examine are thus of the nature of averages. Both forms have come to be used in English. Dracula By Bram Stoker Context She was a brown little creature, with skinny legs like a bird and a myriad of pigtails carefully wrapped with twine sticking stiffly out from her head.

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Burnett began his tenure as a member of the Kansas City jazz community by going to local jam sessions; and then, he volunteered his time and services to the non-profit entity, Alaadeen Enterprises, Inc.

Source of Question, Date of Response Portland, Oregon Fri, Nov 8, Grammar's Response I can't speak for what the Oregonian does, but it is perfectly legitimate and more than acceptable to insert an adverb after the first auxiliary verb in a verb string in other words, to put "potentially" between the "could" and the rest of the verb string, "be used".

Apart from allowing the investigation of terahertz-frequency ultrasound, the SASER is also likely to find myriad uses in optoelectronics electronic devices that detect and control light — as a method of transmitting a signal from an end to the other, e.

Yahoo New Zealand Answers In other words, he uses the past perfect to nudge the reader into another time frame, and then shifts into his regular past tense again which feels like the present as the story unfolds before our eyes.

We "had" a good time at the legion last night. He governs the visible world, preserves the harmony and guides the revolutions of all the spheres, and is the captain of all the myriads of angelic beings. The remaining Trio partners settled quickly on John Stewart, a year-old member of the Cumberland Three, one of the myriad of groups that sprang up hoping to imitate the Kingston Trio's success.

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Redundancy, in general terms, refers to the quality or state of being redundant, that is: With areas like Skomer, Skokholm, Grassholm containing such a rich myriad of wildlife, much is at stake. If I am incorrect, please explain. Question Is it incorrect to use after all in a negative construction?

We "had" driven home before the storm "had" made driving too dangerous. Look below in the related links area for the download. Willner began recording music under The Field moniker in as a platform to combine his early affinity for pop artists like Lionel Richie, Kate Bush, and The Four Tops with a myriad of more recent influences ranging from shoegaze bands like Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine to s ambient electronica such as Seefeel and the projects of Wolfgang Voigt largely the acclaimed albums under Voigt's Gas handle.

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Great imperial systems propelled by steam have broken down into a myriad nationalities propelled by the internal-combustion engine and oil. In light of the heavy traffic, I have decided not to leave after all. A redundancy in a sentence refers to a piece of information that can be eliminated without a loss of information and is, essentially, superfluous.

So we read on into the damp effluvium. You must meditate on the myriad symbolic interpretations.

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It is worth noting that a pataphor is not the traditional metaphorical conceit but rather a set of metaphor built upon an initial metaphor, obscuring its own origin rather than reiterating the same analogy in myriad ways.

You could say that the sentence contains a redundancy. Blue Blouse theatre incorporated a myriad of different artistic mediums of performance as well as talents such as dancing and singing to create dynamic performances with identifiable acts. In modern countries it takes myriads of forms, from the sweating of parasitic trades to the organization of scientific research.

It was completed in two years. Synonyms for redundant at Thesaurus. In your first sentence, the adverb quite clearly modifies the comparative adjective "higher"; there's absolutely nothing wrong with its coming between "are" and "higher.

Also featured daily is a savory filled pastry,[sentencedict.

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The centre of London with myriad attractions is only twenty minutes away. We're still studying a myriad of options. Question In the following sentence what word is the prepositional phrase "to people" modifying?

When the sun withdraws the sand ceases to flow, but in the morning the streams will start once more and branch and branch again into a myriad of others. Eliminate the unnecessary words from the following sentences.

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The two-cornered, or bicorne hat, is normally kept in a museum in Sens in east of Paris. There was a myriad of mirrors in the House of Mirrors Mansion. As the project progessed, Fred Brady, Robert Slimbach, and Carol Twombly met for weekly discussions, examinations, and evaluations for Myriad as it evolved through the design process.

It's an interesting shift in meaning.

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To the traveller, the most conspicuous among the Mexican insects, perhaps, are the butterflies, beetles, ants and the myriads of mosquitoes, midges, fleas and chinches. Ihad one cotton bedsheet and two made of silk. Once the first sentence of a paragraph is written in past perfect tense, must we continue throughout the paragraph to use "had.