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Moktar, the Genre Savvy Mook: Nowadays, Coty is mostly remembered as "this obscure French president who is refered in the OSS movie and receives a wrong posthumous fame".

There's a far higher comedy-factor than the dull Get Smart, and it's incidentally the most lovingly detailed period pastiche since Todd Haynes's Far from Heaven. He climbs the minaret and starts fighting the guy, knocks him out and goes back to sleep.

This is the kind of "stupid" comedy that can only be pulled off by very smart comics. The chicken guy can't decide whether is very, very stupid or very, very talented.

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The way chases the villain down the streets of Cairo, pausing dramatically at every single intersection to glance around, then dashing decisively off in one direction With his sculpted, receding hair and light tailored suits, Dujardin resembles the young Connery in From Russia With Love.

Also, the guy who's constantly on the phone informing his boss that has arrived somewhere. This one delivers unpretentious comedy, with suprisingly chancey satire. Stating the Simple Solution: The character actually predates Ian Fleming's creation, though I confess that, before this, I had never heard of him.

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How has a tendency to come across. Camera pans away from and his lover, to a bouquet of roses on a table — and then to a mirror showing the two thrusting at each other, fully clothed. Works even with women who are trying to kill him.

Funny how Nazis are always the bad guys.

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He holds in in front of his crotch while commenting on how he can load it and unload it. It is an affectionate send up of a pulp-fiction character known as the "French Bond": And then tells Larima about it the next morning. It is a little like a s MI6 man having a crush on John Major.

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Whereupon the camera hastily pans back to the roses. After makes a particularly ignorant statement, his love interest remarks, "You are very French. It Will Never Catch On: Muller and OSS have the same fond memories about their respective friends.

At the end of the movie, is clearly more interested in watching the dramatic fireworks than kissing.

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Played for Laughs — posing as a musician in order to spy on a suspect, the clumsy reveals itself a surprinsingly apt oriental-style crooner with lute playing and singing in Arabicleading to a Insult Backfire: Pelletier is about to shootGuns Akimbobut his guns are jammed, so he starts checking them with complete disregard for any gun safety.

Larmina is working for the Eagles of Kheops, a Muslim Brotherhood-esque organization.

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The production design and sets by Maamar Ech-Cheikh and Sonia Kalaydjian are great, and the closing credits, incidentally, are presented in a curtain-call style, reminiscent of British TV sitcom geniuses Jimmy Perry and David Croft.

OSS has been such a box-office hit in France that, like Peter Sellers, Jean Dujardin may well be tied to this single role in a string of decreasingly funny films.

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Can we have a second chance? And how interesting to be offered a French movie that doesn't come straight from the "arthouse" stable. In a week of overblown, unappetising or disappointing films, this makes a refreshing change. His superiors see him as a "specialist in the Arabo-Muslim world", an assessment that turns out to be horrifically wrong, when OSS smirkingly informs the natives that Islam is a foolish religion: Share via Email Unpretentious comedy Out in Cairo, our hero enjoys many romantic conquests: We are in

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