Mostly Happy! Clip Art of the Thirties, Forties & Fifties: Scan, Photocopy, Stat by Jerry Jankowski Mostly Happy! Clip Art of the Thirties, Forties & Fifties: Scan, Photocopy, Stat by Jerry Jankowski

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She went on to make many films, mostly in the USA, and in later life began a new career in cabaret.

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They were playful -- full of little jokes and hidden meanings. Cole Porter was born June ninth, eighteen ninety-one, in the middle western state of Indiana.

His family was wealthy and educated. Orders are generally sent by Royal Mail and we use first class post.

We guarantee delivery of Priority shipments to the receiving country's Customs Office only; Past Perfect accepts no responsibility for the package after arrival at the Customs Office. Jack Buchanan was, like Astaire, a top hat and tails singer and dancer, full of charm and sophistication. Here they are heard to great effect in our earliest offering, from Junethe humorous Little Betty Bouncer, the sad story of a girl who falls in love with a BBC radio announcer's voice.

Porter got the idea for the song while traveling in Morocco.

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He was still a student at Harvard. In his day, George Formby was the biggest attraction in British show business, and for six internet dating facts and statistics was the top box office star in British movies.

The Porters gave parties that lasted for days.

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And Cole Porter was becoming one of the greatest songwriters America had ever produced. His recording career began inwith Ted Weems and his Orchestra, sounding rather like a Bing Crosby clone; but over the years his own style developed and the instantly recognisable Perry Como voice we know was born.

They had so much money they could do anything they wanted.

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And radio programs were still being developed. Born in Helensburgh, Scotland, he rose to become of the great British musical stars of the thirties. And they loved his songs, which he played at his parties. The song has a sound that beats endlessly, over and over.

The name Fred Astaire has become synonymous with elegance and style, his seemingly effortless perfection on the dance floor matched by his intimate delivery of classic songs, many of which he introduced. She returned to London where she made many fine recordings, including Darling, Je vous aime beaucoup.

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He wrote it in nineteen thirty for a Broadway musical called "The New Yorkers. Cole Porter's songs are still being sung and played today.

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They liked him because he was smart and funny and knew how to enjoy life. Moonlight Serenade was the band's theme tune, recorded in April Underneath The Arches is their most famous number, this recording dating from It is like a lover who thinks of nothing but his love, over and over, night and day.

Quick as a flash, from the age of 25 onwards you started to see more and more friends announcing engagements on Facebook. In fact it was so popular that sequels had to be written to continue Abdul's antics, which was an interesting challenge to the songwriters, as he had actually died in the original song, murdered by his rival Ivan Skavinski Skavar!

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During this time, Cole Porter became famous for his parties. Many of Porter's songs were written in a minor musical key. In his extra time, he continued to write songs. Those now-coupled-up friends from high school or university are only making this more difficult.

Whether wartime memories evoked by Vera Lynn, or memories of the dance hall with Glenn Miller - we are entering the warm world of nostalgia!

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Some of Porter's friends thought he might not be a success. The words were often unexpected, sometimes even shocking. Most of Cole Porter's songs are about love and desire. Sweet Lorraine is performed here by Nat King Cole in his Trio days, before he achieved his later huge fame.

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Do I even do those kinds of things anymore?? But it is one of her legendary wartime recordings we have here, The White Cliffs Of Dover, backed by another musical great - Mantovani and his Orchestra Frank Sinatra began his recording career with Harry James inbefore joining Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra.

She was an all-round musician, playing cello, saxophone, trombone and piano, but here she sings for us, All Alone, without her sisters, in the classic song by Irving Berlin The fame, even today, of Glenn Miller and his Orchestra makes it hard to believe that the band existed for only five years.

Just as in any other area of life, when it comes to dating and finding love, your peer group matters. His guests were wealthy, pleasure-loving people from all over Europe.

Ashley Judd plays his wife, Linda Porter. American songwriter Alan J. We hope you will enjoy our selection of the very best of yesterday's great entertainers.

She was a beautiful and rich American named Linda Lee Thomas. Today we tell about the life and music of American songwriter Cole Porter.

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Kevin Kline stars in the movie as Cole Porter. Some songs he sang only for his friends. In France, Cole Porter met the woman who became his wife. It is one of the most moving of any thirties recording, the power and emotion of Robeson's voice perfectly expressing the anger and frustration of Robeson's character Joe, as well as that of Robeson himself, a politically and socially aware man of great integrity.

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Here is a new version by Vivian Green. Yet they also can have a feeling of great excitement.