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In the early thirteenth century, the Amidei were allied with the Ghibelline faction, led by the Uberti and Lamberti families. To me, this library is one of the most perfect, in architectural terms, in the world. Inthe library was opened to the public in the historical setting of the Palazzo Medici Riccardi next to the Biblioteca Riccardiana.

Sincethe library has been managed directly by the Province of Florence while continuing to share some public services with the Biblioteca Riccardiana.

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History[ edit ] The Amidei were a prominent family in Florence and Tuscany. Il Gabinetto Scientifico Letterario G. Observatory staff carry out theoretical and observational astronomy as well as designing and constructing astronomical instrumentation.

Berenson was a fastidious man in himself personally - although it tormented him, pistolas de bolas online dating relationship with the mugnana lonenelywifehookup dealer Duveen and others was not quite so fastidious and not surprisingly his library is exquisite.

A circulating library with the latest publications in Italian, French and English was later installed next to the reading room.

The most important foundations of the collection were parts of the library of Domenico Maria Manni and that of Domenico Moreni, compiler of the annotated historical bibliography of Tuscanyand consisting mostly of documents relating to mugnana lonenelywifehookup history and culture of Tuscany.

The historical libraries of Florence preserve some of the most important book, periodical and manuscript collections in Europe.

By the late 18 C, space was becoming tight, so that the library had to be expanded beyond the original building into the adjacent Palazzi Della Stufa and Pegna, and the ground floor of the Palazzo Fenzi Dardinelli.

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Coat of arms[ edit ] Their coat of arms consists in a gold shield with three red stripes on it. The church, which dates from the 11th century, is best known for its beautiful 13th century pulpit, formerly in the church of San Pier Scheraggio, now part of the Uffizi.

The new location was opened on 16 December in the renovated areas previously occupied by the Biblioteca Magliabechiana, under the porch, near the entrance to the gallery. The library was founded in and opened to the public under the name Biblioteca Magliabechiana in which of course long predates the formation of the modern country of Italy.

One or two of them are in themselves works of art, ranking among the most beautiful in the world. The library contains texts relating to the history of art and music.

Singleton Center for Italian Studies. The library first saw the light of day in with the purchase, sponsored by Giovanni Degli Alessandri, the then president of the Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze and director of the Uffizi, of the library belonging to the architect Giuseppe Salvetti.

Giovanni Villani, Nuova Cronica, ed.

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It was opened to the public in It's not a large library, but has very good holdings of periodicals. Houses completed inHouses completed inMedici villas, Neoclassical architecture in Italy, Villas in Florence Arcetri Observatory The Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri otherwise known as the Arcetri Observatory, Florence is an astronomical observatory located in Arcetri in the outskirts of Florence, Italy.

The warm 19 C conference room is the part of the library most familiar to the public. Construction — on Via Cavour was directed by the architect Dori who had won the public contest for the design.

Even leaving that aside, the library contains the manuscripts and books belonging to the private library of the Medici family, the collection now amounting to about 11, manuscripts, 2, papyri, 43 ostraca, incunabula, 1, 16 C prints, andprints of the 17 C to 20C.

Changing exhibitions allow one to view and study these incredible treasures.

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Saint Amadeus[ edit ] Fresco in the Church of the Santissima Annunziatain which Amadio resuscitates a drowned boy One of the Amidei was called Bartholomeus Amadeus of the Amidei and was one of the seven saint founders of a religious congregation, that spread worldwide, especially in Germany.

The stripes started with the red one and then alternated with the gold shield. They debated whether they should scar Buondelmonte's face, beat him up, or kill him. The family business began as production of olive oil and wine, and had developed into banking. The most beautiful libraries of Florence La Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze Reading room of the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze Let's begin with the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze because it is the largest library in Italy, housing as it does more than six million volumes.

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Beginning as a villa of the Baroncelli of Florence, it was seized by the Medici, became the home of a homicidal and unfaithful husband, and a lavish retreat for a Grand Duchess with imperial pretensions.

Inthere was a risk of the library being auctioned off, but the Florence authorities were authorised by the Government to buy it, which they did in and two years later it was sold to the state. Init was opened to the public. The library is packed with treasures.

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Marriage of Buondelmonte by Saverio Altamura. Legend[ edit ] The family descended from the family of Cotius or Cozziwho, always according to a legend, descended from the Gens Julia family, of which Julius Caesar was part. Furious, the Amidei and allies plotted revenge.

In recent decades, other manuscripts of particular interest for the history of Tuscany have become part of the library's patrimony including of books by Rubieri-Zannetti, Rosini and Ombrosi Frullani. The library originated with the acquisition in by the Florentine authorities of the library assembled by Pietro Bigazzi.

With the Amidei assembled in the piazza, the young Buondelmonte man rode past the Amidei, and instead asked for the hand of a girl from the Donati family, members of the Guelf faction.

The remains of their tower, Torre degli Amideican still be seen. The library was designed by Michelangelo between andbut work was completed only in In fact there was one or more wills in which the father stated he was leaving some credits that had to be withdrawn.

Wikipedia Article Located at He accumulated and often read a huge number of art historical books and periodicals, and these form the basis of this, one of the most beautiful and complete small libraries created during the 20 C.