Meghan Klingenberg and Morgan Brian of the USWNT live with Jeff Van Gundy Meghan Klingenberg and Morgan Brian of the USWNT live with Jeff Van Gundy

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Sorted by goal difference, then by goal scored by the player's team Result The final score.

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Score The match score after the goal was scored. They were also lost. Jeff cuts fresh fruit, his wife Kim flips the pancakes, and Meghan Klingenberg fixes bacon.

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We were so happy for her and proud of her. Brian started the Group Stage match against Sweden, but she was conservatively stationed as a wide midfielder. She left in October after making nineteen appearances for the club.

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For list that include caps, blank indicates played in the match but did not score a goal. She ended the season with one goal and two assists.

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As they got home Kling and Kim got on either side of Morgan and Jeff ran in to get the door. Losing Rapinoe, who has been on the ball and creating chances more than any other player on the roster, could be a concern for casual USA supporters.

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My face is too sore. Published Jun 26, at 3: She is still ranked second in points, second in assists, and fifth in goals all-time in Virginia record books. As they wheeled her out she asked "Meggy?!

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Now, her number will be called when her country needs her the most. But they want to see it thrive in their city and across the country. She liked beds and floors more than chairs. When she arrived in Houston in June, she needed a place to live for the remaining two months of the NWSL schedule and rather than rent an apartment for a short period of time, the Dash set her up with the Van Gundys.

They walked with the nurse down a hallway and into a room and they walked in and saw their host daughter sitting in a chair so they walked in and Kim said "Hey Morgan.

How long do you think she will be out for?

Wisdom Teeth: Morgan Brian/ Meghan Klingenberg

She didn't wanna leave Moe but she HAD to make these calls. For four years, Morgan Brian tore apart collegiate soccer. Talk to you soon, and keep us updated.

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Today Brian will start as a central midfielder, allowing her more time on the ball where she is more comfortable and effective. InBrian became only the fourth woman in history to win the Hermann trophy for a second consecutive season.

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Well it wasn't for her, it was for her best friend and fellow host sister in Houston: Talk to you soon. And today those casual fans will become familiar with a new name: Suddenly the door opened and the nurse said "Family of Morgan Brian? Even though she missed eight games for international duty, she still ended with 10 goals and 14 assists, and led all women in the NCAA tournament that season with 17 points.

She scored 18 career goals with 24 assists. The Houston Dash have a host family program, one that Van Gundy embraced after a chance meeting with Brian Ching, who is the managing director for the Dash.

Why was she at a dentist's office you may ask? FTW regrets the error.

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She is now a black belt. The numbness is disappearing. We just got home. Goals scored in penalty-shoot-out, at the end of a tied match after extra-time, are not included. The car ride was silent then Kim turned in her seat and said "How are you doing, Morgan?