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The episode aired September 29, Add your rating See all kid reviews. The series chronicles the ups and downs of parenting, marriage, and family relationships.

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Jay is married to his noticeably younger wife Gloria a lively, fun-loving Colombian bombshell who repeatedly mispronounces words.

However, but in spite of his flaws, Cam is very well liked by all and is considered to be an honest, warm person.

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It was written by Abraham Why exactly did Phil not go to the Academic Challenge? Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about It aired November 7, The episode could have stopped there for me.

Some have made comparisons to The Office and Parks and Recreation because of their mockumentary formats. How do the characters in Modern Family demonstrate communication and humility? Look below and find out.

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How does the media portray relationships in general? Cam is a drama queen in every sense of the word as he often bursts into tears when happy, sad or touched by something someone has done.

Haley, the eldest, is a typical teenage girl who is independent, naive and argumentative. There are a lot of stereotypes to weed through, and not everyone will be comfortable with the depiction of a gay couple raising a child.

Everyone in the extended family knows modern family review uk dating Cameron often over-reacts to everyday life occurrences. Cameron is flamboyant, bubbly and a huge sports fan.

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Sometimes Phil acts as though he is enamored with Gloria but he is quick to say that he would never cheat on Claire. Meanwhile, Gloria and Manny try to get Jay to join them at the symphony, but in an attempt to avoid His spirits are quickly lifted when he sees a girl that smiles at him like no other girl has smiled at him before.

Phil is quite child-like in his behavior.

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Club rated, in total, a majority of the former-half episodes with a "B-" grade or less. How are they different from other sitcom families? You can be both.

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Club had a very mixed reaction to the season, only giving one episode an A- or higher. Broderick was a great guest star, though, and I would love to see him come back now that Phil understands their date was a real date.

Mitchell and Cam are trying to get Jay and Gloria out of the house so their super-secret custom gift can be installed in the nursery.

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Balancing the good times and bad times isn't always an easy task in a comedy, but this series never disappoints and always ends on a heartwarming note that reflects the beautiful imperfection of family relationships.

Jay's grown daughter, Claire Julie Bowenlives nearby with her husband, Phil Ty Burrelland is a full-time mom to their three teens.

Their time together is full of mixed messages, innuendos, and just outright uncomfortable moments to watch.

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Is it ever appropriate to use stereotypes as a way of portraying them? The criticism spawned a Facebook campaign to demand that Mitchell and Cameron be allowed to kiss. Phil has a hard time Mitchell goes crib shopping with Jay. With her thick Colombian accent, Gloria is never at a loss for words.

It's no surprise that Modern Family has been showered with accolades since its debut in With all the amazing episodes of the show that exist, it's hard to trust just one person's opinion of what the top Modern Family episodes of all time are.

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Phil and Claire decide to engage in a not-so-friendly car The episode was written by Ilana Wernick This episode originally aired on ABC on April 11, How do the characters change over the course of the series?

The writing is Vorsprung durch Technik: Yeah, when it came out of her mouth, I nearly stopped breathing. After some talks about babies, Jay running into his doctor and then hugging a life-size rabbit, and finally purchasing the crib, the father-son pair finally have a heart-to-heart.