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Flirt A highly livable kitchen with design elements made to compose an open layout which is also made possible with the use of storage door openings and contrasting colors. City Feel calm and relaxed in this gloss blue kitchen that provides good storage and clean working areas.


Scenery A kitchen with a very wide selection of materials, finishes and units, which supersedes its merely functional role and becomes the stage for family and social relations.

Today, the Scavolini brand enjoys prestige and credibility all over the world. Evolution The soul of this composition is found in the straight line characteristics marked by the horizontal grain finishes and in the standard double-colour for the modello flirt scavolini usa and wall units: Scenery This kitchen may be black but you can still get a good scenery with an elegance feel.

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Tess A contemporary kitchen, with leading-edge features to suit the modern lifestyle. There are already so many kitchen designs that you have seen and each of them are unique from each other. Baltimora The Baltimora kitchen in Absolute White Oak features all the warmth of wood and harmony of form together with unprecedented finishes and technological solutions.

Scavolini had been manufacturing kitchens for over 40 years already that allowed them to design kitchens along with the latest trends.

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Two different approaches to the kitchen, now brought together in a new, highly personal style. With the Pasha Larch Melamine and Gloss White Lacquered finishes, Urban here offers a warm, elegant solution, also suitable for multipurpose rooms where the kitchen and living-area share the space.

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Flux A kitchen design that includes straight lines and curves with fascinating configurations and features. Rainbow Perfect for homeowners that love contemporary design with a youthful and lively touch.

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The kitchen as major operations centre for all the functions involved in food preparation. Margot Margot is a traditional wooden kitchen featuring doors with modelled frames and ashlered panels in solid Ash; the colours available are Cherry and Cream. We have here a showcase of kitchens from Scavolini.

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Highland does not camouflage its functions cooking, washing and preparing ; it displays them with the natural ease of a time when the kitchen was the hub of the home, where everyone spent time. Amelie A wooden kitchen that returns to the values of authenticity, with traditional design, natural, lasting materials and innovative technical features.

For Scavolini, the designers of the Diesel Social Kitchen have created a vast assortment of compositional features that can merge to generate an infinity of original, unique rooms. Grand Relais Classical elegance has never been so contemporary.

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With a brand-new point of view for the kitchen world. Dream There is much room for inventiveness and creativity in this kitchen of laminate matte grey and orange creating a unique personality. Atelier Here every unit has its own design project, personality and history.

Crystal Contemporary, sophisticated, bright.

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Flirt The Flirt kitchen in the Scavolini Basic range is good to look at and highly accessible: We hope that you were able to get something new from this post.

Tess A simple yet very beautiful creating an ambience to aid for better function. For creating a kitchen free from preconceptions, easily configured for the most widely varying spaces, including unusually shaped rooms.

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Hence, they really make sure that their clients get the kitchen design they truly love. Where top-quality materials, latest-generation appliances and perfect organisation give free rein to socialisation and self-expression. Belvedere Belvedere, in the Scavolini traditional line, is the kitchen which most impressively re-creates the appeal of the family life of bygone days and the warmth of a tranquil, natural environment.

But it still keeps faith with genuine Italian tradition.