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The Owenscorp factories are situated outside Bologna, and Owens spends many of his weekends designing there in solitude. Lavascar's album "A Dream Deferred" cover art When we get to talking about fashion, she's, unsurprisingly, bored of the fashion on the streets of Paris and seems disillusioned.

And it does have a monolithic, Stonehenge feel. The reading I did do that stuck with me was usually somewhat breathless and brittle — I suppose camp. And I have porsche 911 backdating kitty laughed or danced with his work as much.

See what happened when Dazed flew Katz to Paris to meet Owens here. Working as close collaborators, it's no secret that Lamy has influenced much of the Rick Owens multi-million dollar global empire. She talks about iconic houses like Chanel, explaining that its success is based on a "revolution" and an "invention" of something which the house has stayed true to since the days of its founder Gabrielle.

Rather than send frail models teetering vulnerably along the runway in too-high heels, Owens prefers to show women at their most empowered. I love playing cards — playing Solitaire helps me think.

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It's building something on the whole, and it feeling the right way. Lamy would also sing — her favourite numbers had lyrics by the 20s Harlem poet Langston Hughes. Owens takes a linear approach to design, using his past collections to inspire each new season, and still sells almost every piece from his debut offering.

Initially, Lamy is utterly enrapturing to behold: For the first few years he continued to design and hand-sew each garment from home, before driving them around to show to influential fashion figures.

He started his eponymous clothing label indesigning first for women and expanding into menswear in I connected with its appealingly unhealthy self-indulgence.

She now performs in Lavascar, a sort of industrial electronica band alongside her daughter Scarlett Rouge. And being seconds away from major art is pretty great. She's clutching a weighty mug with her ink-dipped fingers, each one stacked in multiple rings.

The designer was, understandably, furious.

The ultimate eccentric Michèle Lamy: 'I have no idea what fashion is now'

She wrote about everything that made up our life — conflicts; Aids and illness; human rights; art and culture — with brio and controversy. These range from understated, everyday trainers, identifiable by their sculptural, jutting soles, to statement footwear, such as the knee-high Tech Runner stretch boot.

Lamy allowed Dazed Digital exclusive insight into her Dubai experience via a brilliant photo diary captured for us during her visit there last summer. Lurid and biblical at the same time. Everything I say is kind of like, a little artificial and happy. Almost like a child speaking too loudly in church.

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The couple, who have always maintained their individuality while sharing many of the same aesthetic touchstones, have split the pages of Document between them, each choosing five favourite texts from their well-stocked shelves.

I'm sure a lot of those designers have it, but one leaves one [house] and one leaves the other — how could you have it? Both are great loves of Lamy's -- especially Hughes -- the poet whose words make up most of the lyrics for the new album.

We stare admiringly until she starts to giggle and gestures over her shoulder. Materials run the gamut from the luxurious rock crystal, alabaster, Carrara marble through the everyday plywood, concrete, fibreglassoften combined to create striking juxtapositions — wooden chairs sprouting moose antlers, for instance.

As is so often the case with Owens, when he finds something he likes, he sticks with it, and many of his favourite faces reappear in his shows and lookbooks for multiple seasons.

They are austere, elegant yet still theatrical. During the 60s and 70s she worked as a defence lawyer, while studying with the postmodern philosopher Gilles Deleuze. Despite his best attempts, however, Owens has never managed to learn French.

He later changed tack, dropping out to attend a pattern-cutting course instead and honing his skills at a knock-off designer clothing company in LA.

She then worked as a cabaret dancer and toured France before moving to America in