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Having her hair cut, Mia felt an ordinary person; the actress does not hide that her fame is difficult for her. The premiere took place in Cannes.

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With this in mind, the girl got acquainted with the aging star Havana Segrand and broke into her house under the unbelievable excuse. However, there is the official group in the social network Vkontakte; the Russian Mia Wasikowska fan page is also present on Twitter.

The girl started working with her personal manager. The actress reminisces that she often had to play with the imaginary partners represented by pieces of cardboard. Another problem is about a makeup which can be spoiled in the spotlight.

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However, Wasikowska rejected the offer without explaining the reasons. With short hair, the girl became less noticeable which made it easier for Mia to go outside. In the would-be actress family, there are also an elder sister and a younger brother. Present days Mia Wasikowska is not interested in the number of roles — she selects the material thoroughly.

Besides, she had to go to regular school. Wasikowska did not become a ballet dancer, but when she was 15, she was offered to play in a movie.

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After the work on the project was finished, Mia cut her long hair and donated it to the Foundation of Children with Cancer. It is interesting that as long as Mia became famous, the Polish government suggested the actress take the second citizenship — the Polish one, since she met all the requirements.

The girl was lucky: The girl keeps the majority of her romantic relationships in secret from fans and omnipresent journalists. She is also fond of reading and hiking.

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The girl got used to traveling since the early childhood: Mia dreamed of going to the stage, so every day, she would go to the ballet bar and work for up to 35 hours per week. Sincethe young couple broke up. The actress Mia Wasikowska Wasikowska has no Instagram account to upload photos for fans.

This detail of the work helped the actress develop her imagination. Few fans know that Mia is fond of scriptwriting and directing.

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Having accepted the offer, Mia changed her life dramatically. Each time, Mia is worried to fall accidentally and twist an ankle. Mia Wasikowska After the family returned to Australia, the girl went to a ballet studio where she was practicing for almost seven years.