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In this moment, we've grasped family. We don't even smell the freshly painted field. What is family anyway?

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Pero la vida es buena. I could hear the denial, the hesitation. Evergreen branches and peppermint kisses dance under the noses of the cousins who shake boxes with paper and tight bows.

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The safety of a home and the comfort of a hug and everything is right in the world. My granddaughter's six year-old chocolate hand. A human connection, a blended confection of color and creeds, of distrust and good deeds. My mother cradled my grown body as if I were an infant.

I begged her to tell me why she called.

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We lose all senses, focusing only on our coach's strong voice as he tells us: To those who accept me, remember me, chastise me, hurt me, hurt me, hurt me, love d me —I return the favor. High in a tree, looking at the leaves falling. Me gusta la lluvia.

She's sitting in the vacant seat next to me, holding my hand and singing right along as He calls her home.

Mi familia tienes personas cuatro: Mi papá es un empresario y mi ma...

Me gusta la quietud de la nieve. We watch, as the sparkling waves touch the shore. Family means the father, or a similar figure in life From him you acquire derivatives Derivatives like a crisp apple from a sturdy branch Like the instinct of a screeching halt on the road to protect an animal To be family is to be passed down Tengo una gran familia.

Eggs, water, cake mix, and icing. Ablaze and mesmerizing in the black of night, the fire beside us burns like the inextinguishable love we have for each other.

We are one; we are many. The mischievous smile of a sister after a long day and a kiss on the cheek from father.

The sound of the ball as it skips across the pavement and the rush of adrenaline that surges through us as the ball glides into the net.

When my brothers and I play football, we don't hear the crowd roaring or the band playing. Es un regalo My brother and I sit on the sand as we study the vast sea, silent.

El Papa es Pop

Enclosed fervently by my age-spotted vanilla hand. Are you, nor I, not connected in some odd way?

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The fabric has worn thin but the threads are still soft. We walk love to love. A mouthful of strawberry pound cake, sweetened with my mother's breath. Wooden table, feet propped up, sticky, cake covered fingers, pink stained lips, crumb covered cheeks, and an enormous smile. I recall your cold hands in my warm palm, your ringing laughter, and your brown eyes.

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It smells like home "Small, but mighty" my Grammy said. Twenty feet above ground, the cold wind bites my nose. I think that we, as humans, are a family Both brothers and sisters Not different, but all alike Family are people that lift you up, who support you.

Mi casa es un poco loca.

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Before me, a green field, like a golf course surrounded by trees. En la familia, la belleza es la pena, la lucha. But in spite of it all we prevail—because we are many and yet we are one.

Todas estas cosas me gustan. Smell of smoke from a campfire and laughs from my dad, brothers, and me.

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I wish these were more than just memories. We walk skin to skin. She's not in the casket. Sand conducts better than asphalt As the twins rejuvenate While Simon dreams of the sea And angelic calls to action It was a dark December night, warmed only by the fire in the living room.

Hearing "ball game" with a winning score on the board, the slap of hands from high fives as we take another "W. I press my face into his shirt. Her hands cover me.

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I'm dressed in black. The smell of the leather ball as my cousin and I play basketball on a cool fall day at our grandparents' house. Listening to her favorite church hymn. I was fourteen years old and the thought of never seeing grandma again tore me apart.

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It was late afternoon in August when I began to swing my golf club on hole nine. I take one last gaze on the black and white cows on the grassy knoll. The smell of homemade mashed potatoes and gravy hit us as we walked in the door, The sounds of eating, talking, and laughing as we returned to the kitchen for more.