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For them it's a spiritual journey that one should not complain about. You will walk through lush mountain forests, pass by several other smaller temples, and will surely meet a few of the grey long-tailed macaques. Pura Luhur Lempuyang is like several other temples in this list one of Bali's most important religious places.

And it can be a fun ride too.

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The first to come into view on the pilgrimage, this temple offers an impressive sight with its towering dragon staircases — perfect for photos. They will take you freshman in high school dating relationship the the point where the paved road ends directly at the temple Penataran Agung, for a negotiable fee.

After enjoying the views at this first stop, the main site of Lempuyang Temple is still another thousand and a half or so steps up, slightly intimidating for most visitors.

And they certainly do not appreciate hearing others to complain. Nevertheless, the locals believe that pilgrims with a heavy heart will never make it to the top, hence the spiritual aspect of the climb.

To many, who are into hiking and trekking this visit is a fantastic blend of an adventurous mountain trekking experience, incredible panoramic views, and the visit of an ancient religious site.

Would you like to recommend this listing? The temple is never really crowded. Once you are there you might notice, that Pura Lempuyang is actually smaller than the Penataran Agung.

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With pride and dedication they take step by step. The six are the temples of the world, also called sad kahyangan. General Information It's a very scenic and very holy place to visit.

But it feels different, more serene, more calm. The entire area around mount Lempuyang is actually one of the best to hike and enjoy a Bali, that has nothing to do with the south. The steep and challenging climb with more than stairs will lead you to the temple almost 1.

Naturally, the temple is not very crowded, and is top of the list on sights to see and endeavours off the beaten path in Bali. After all, nobody is forced to come up here.

Most people stop at the first temple and tke a few pictures before they gather their strength and courage to face the 1. Prayers ensue with refreshing holy water from the priest that soothes body, mind and soul.

Strong-willed pilgrims get to enjoy splendid panoramas of the eastern Bali mountain range and coastline step after steep step, surrounded by lush surroundings and fresh mountain air.

The price is reasonable, simmply ask your driver to help you to negotiate a fair price. Front courtyard at the peak Dragon staircases A stopover prayer halfway up Prayers at the main hilltop temple View from the Mountain.

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Located in east Bali within the highlands of Mount Lempuyang this temple is not only one of the most difficult to get to, but also one of the most sacred on Bali.

There are very scenic views of Mount Agung waiting to be captured by photographers, and don't miss the impressive dragon stairs that lead to shrines. There are many motorcycle taxis operated by local villagers that can take you up where the asphalt ends at the Penataran Agung, for a negotiable fee.

So if you are fit and ready for a challenge that gives you a very special reward in return, this temple should be high up on your list of things to do on Bali. The temple itself is smaller compared to the Penataran Agung, but there is a more mystical feel about the setting and calmness.

Pura Luhur Lempuyang Please complete or correct the fields. Like Besakih, Tanah Lot etc it's also one of the island's nine directional temples with the function to protect Bali and the Balinese from evil spirits. It's unique and one can slightly feel why Balinese were ready to put such unbelievable amount of effort into constructing this site with their bare hands.

After an approximate two-hour climb, the Lempuyang Temple at the peak welcomes weary pilgrims with a prize view and a calming place of respite.

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Do not complain The locals take this walk up to the temple very seriously. They are convenient for those who wish to start their climb quicker, shortening the time on foot from the parking area.

It's a hike The temple's unique location and spectacular views are definitely a highlight for the fit and willing. You can shorten the time it will take you to get up there after you got off by your car and hire one of the many many motorcycle taxis that are operated by local villagers.