IDEALS @ Illinois: Nuclear reactor multi-physics simulations with coupled MCNP5 and STAR-CCM+ IDEALS @ Illinois: Nuclear reactor multi-physics simulations with coupled MCNP5 and STAR-CCM+

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It was found that the simulated results of mass attenuation coefficient values of the composites for seven gamma-ray energies were in good agreement with other data.

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Also in the simulation, isotropic point sources were considered for calculations. Reactivity coefficients are also deemed reasonable in comparison to historically reported data. The calculated results agreed well with experimental and some other theoretical results.

For each source particle and each collision event, a deterministic estimation is made of the fluence contribution at the detector point which is also shown in Figure 4.

Elemental structure and mass fractions of used concrete are given in Table 2. Free spoken english course in bangalore dating you a disabled looking for abled singles or vice versa? In this study, absolute efficiency of modeled detector in a wide energy range is calculated.

Since MCNP-X has special material definition process, the user has to consider the elemental composition of concrete and mass fractions on the base of their chemical composition and weight rates in definition of material in MCNP-X simulation.

Also, the source and detector assembly were shielded by lead blocks. This tally scores the energy distribution of pulses created in a detector by radiation. Somehow, the gamma-rays spectra obtained in the simulations are very different from the spectra obtained with the detectors.

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Nowadays, radiation technology is starting to be used in a variety of different areas such as nuclear power bases, particle accelerators such as linac and synchrotron, and medical facilities such as nuclear medicine and radiological facilities and thus radiation protection becomes important.

Acknowledgments The author would like to offer gratitude and special thanks to Mr. By considering these variables, material definitions of concrete have been done in simulation. However, the accuracy of measurement depends strongly on some detection properties of scintillation detectors such as detection efficiency and geometric efficiency.

Of course, this error reduction not only depends on long run time but also depends on variance reduction methods such as cut-off energy applications in MCNP-X data card, ignoring the unused particles in simulation such as neutron and electron and optimized mother world volume in simulation geometry.

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Competing Interests The author declares that there are no competing interests regarding the publication of this paper. Love keeps the world moving but for the disabled, finding true love or a compatible single to build a long-term relationship with can be real pain in the neck.

Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, vol.

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In recent years, many researchers have studied determination of mass attenuation coefficients theoretically and experimentally for various materials, such as some experimental studies performed by Akkurt and El-Khayatt [ 19 ].

Conclusion In this study, as a validation of modeled detector, efficiency for different energies was obtained using MCNP-X code.

The simulations on a quad core machine indicate that a massively parallelized implementation of MULTINUKE could be used to assess larger multi-million cell models with more complicated, time-dependent neutronic and thermal-hydraulic feedback effects.

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Modeling the photon attenuation through materials in a simulation environment gives more flexibility and simplicity of use and change of parameters instead of performing an experimental study of mass attenuation coefficients of different materials. As the gamma energy increases in interaction, the total detector efficiency decreases given that the possibility of a photon being absorbed inside of the detector decreases.

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Medical physics calculations with MCNP: a primer

Fission energy deposition fission and prompt gamma heating is tallied over all UO2 cells in the models using the F7: This study presents the use of NaI Tl detectors modeled by Monte Carlo method during mass attenuation coefficients calculations.

Differences between the results in mass attenuation coefficient calculations could be due to different cross section data between MCNP-X and FLUKA and also could be due to computing time and statistical error rates.

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In this study, also some variance reduction techniques have been applied such as cutting off energy and reducing the types of observed particles in interaction such as ignoring of electrons in mother world and equipment geometries.

In this study, good agreement is achieved between gamma energy and detector efficiency. The demonstration calculations show reasonable results that agree with PWR values typically reported in literature.

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These results conclude that MCNP-X Monte Carlo simulation is in well compatibility with not only experimental data but also other Monte Carlo codes such as FLUKA code and can be applied to predict the mass attenuation coefficients for different attenuator and energies and can be an alternative method for experimental method since Monte Carlo has flexibility and convenience in defining geometry.

To observe the transmissions of photons, different thicknesses of concrete sample were used. Since MCNP-X obtains the primary sources of nuclear data, evaluations from the evaluated nuclear data file endf system, evaluated nuclear data library endland evaluated photon data library epdl are highly capable of photonic calculations.

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These results include simulations of: Comparison of mass attenuation coefficients of concrete sample. You too should join. The sections in conjunction with the appendices should provide a foundation of knowledge regarding the MCNP commands and their uses as well as enable users to utilize the MCNP manual effectively for situations not specifically addressed by the primer.

Nuclear reactor multi-physics simulations with coupled MCNP5 and STAR-CCM+

All compounds and pure materials of detector were defined in the MC input file. The MC calculations for total efficiency were presented in Table 1for cm distance between source and detector. The first demonstration model, a single fuel element surrounded by water, consists of 9, CFD cells and 7, neutronic cells.

Absolute efficiency is defined as the ratio of the number of counts produced by the detector to the number of gamma-rays emitted by the source in all directions. However, that is about to change. In the present work, the applicability of MCNP-X Monte Carlo code for mass attenuation of concrete sample material as building material at photon energies These examples along with the instructions for reproducing them are the results of this thesis research.

Schematic representation of simulation and locations of modeled equipment.