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Someone will figure out the blend and the results will likely be those of a runaway success with great long term prospects.

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TechnologyReforms in digital trade set to earn Comesa Sh1. Having worked at some point as an IT Specialist, one of my roles then involved offering end-users support either by person or via a phone SQL and Database Design I am confortable working with the following database systems.

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M y interest in JAVA grew out of pure interest and as an alternative to the. The training was based on J2ME.

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The four pillars that I deem critical are yet to find their place in the current mix. CSS I believe the use of standards based markup.

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I don't believe in the use of tables in laying out sites unless its "that" necessary. XHTML is here to stay, as ong as one is to build a web based application.

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PHP For developing applications. This was my fisrt coding language that I used while designing and building static sites. I believe PHP can accomplish tasks that similar scripting languages cannot match, e.

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Aug - Dec Kenya School of Professional Studies Objective Utilize and optimize my web based application development skills and techniques in developing and managing enterprise based solutions for solving various problems Skills Skills User Support I am a skilled end User Support: I am an ardent advocate of CSS.

Academia Trying to break free from institutional shackles, many establishments are still not deeply connected and invested in truly transformative interventions outside workshops and conferences.

Talent This counts towards the teams that build the actual products and services and those who may give of their knowledge and skills as either mentors or permanent staff.

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I learn JAVA by constantly reading resources online, E-Books, and developing simple applications with a ceratin goal e. Capital Opinions differ depending on who you are having coffee with, but my take is that capital is no longer a major stumbling block for ideas that are packaged well even when monetization has not been figured out.

I try as much as possible to use CSS to accomplish various structural markup.


Industry Research and Development is a costly affair and many established companies are looking for cheaper, more efficient ways to lower their budgets but still remain on the bleeding edge of advances in their industry.

We need to unlock the knowledge of faculty and the inquisitive freshness of thought from students.

Both demand and supply are down. Most of my work involves the use of Stylesheet for laying out and styling the look of the site.