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Furthermore, I know now that when the thermal fuse melts, the contacts on the high limit thermostat are usually welded together! She thought I was a genius; the truth is I was stupid for bypassing the manufacturer's safety device. Place dryer at least 18 inches 46 cm above the floor for a garage installation.

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Upon investigating, I found the thermal cutoff, which is a non-resettable part, had activated. It had only been 17 years since I cleaned it.

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Very Localized Dryer Fire F Connect ground wire green or bare of direct wire cable to external ground conductor Tighten strain relief screw with the dryer cabinet and be in a horizontal position.

You have completed your electrical connection. No one wants to go in the interior of their dryer and replace a thermal fuse because they forgot to clean the lint filter When the indian dating expatica date fuse melts, it almost always means that some other device in the dryer has failed.

When I asked her where she got it, she said at a garage sale. I knew that there had to be a reason that it activated. Do not use a metal foil vent.

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This can result in lint getting on the drum motor and into the heater box, which can ignite the lint. Terminate the exhaust vent outside. This is especially true when the load in them become unbalanced. Place the hooked end of the neutral wire white or center wire of direct wire cable under the center screw of terminal block hook facing right.

A good forensics engineer can look at the dryer's drum and determine which company manufactured the dryer. Power supply cord I I Use where local codes permit connecting cabinet-ground conductor to neutral wire.

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Strip insulation back 1" 2. Dryer vibrations can cause electrical screw connections to become loose and wires to chaff against sharp objects. Mobile home installations require: The culvert was PCV pipe going to the outside vent.

The 3-wire power supply cord, at [east 4 ft 1. Cut 1 V2" 3. Spade terminals with upturned ends I] Y4" 1.

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Connect ground wire green or bare of power supply cord to external ground conductor 4-wire connection: Remove center silver-colored terminal block screw.

Power supply cable must match power supply 4-wire or 3-wire and be: I] o not further tighten strain against the direct wire cable. Usually high limit thermostats are not designed for the millions of openings and closings that operational thermostat sees; it is a safety device.

Iouvered hood style A Connect neutral wire white or center wire to center Connect neutral wire white or center wire to center Z terminal silver. The female spade connectors were not properly crimped to the wires. Dryer Identification by Drum After a dryer fire, the manufacturer's name is often not visible.

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Disconnect power before making electrical connections. Five of the wires in the bottom on the dryer were spliced. Check that you have all of your tools. Plug into a grounded 4 prong outlet. For example, when the thermal fuse in my dryer failed, I found out that I could not just order a thermal fuse.

Do not use a plastic vent. Squeeze hooked end together.

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I o not overtighten. Optional 3-wire connection Tighten screw. B Choose your exhaust installation type Recommended exhaust installations Typical installations vent the dryer from the rear of the dryer.

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Attach straight end of long hose to "Y" connector. The good news is the number of major appliance manufactures in the U.

Gently lay the dryer on the cardboard. After cleaning the outside vent pipe. Remove neutral ground wire from external ground conductor screw. This symbol alerts you to potential hazards that can kill or hurt you and others. Bottom exhaust installation Alternate installations for close clearances Venting systems come in many varieties.

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Most manufacturers state that the entire lint duct system should be cleaned at least every 18 months. I have rigid metal ducts. When air is not properly circulating, the lint does not have anywhere to go but into the dryer. Attach washer cold inlet hose to other end of "Y" connector.

I have seen more than one fire occur because someone bypassed the thermal fuse, and they never got around to replacing it.

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Other installations are possible. The strain relief should have a tight fit with the dryer cabinet and be in a horizontal position. When I asked the homeowner how old the dryer was, she said it was four years old. Read and follow the instructions provided with any tools listed here.

Left or right side exhaust installation C.